"Squirting": Real or urban legend?

We all have the same equipment after we conceived until sex hormones differentiate us.

Testicles = ovaries

Penis glans = clit

Vag fluid = precum

Vag = urethra within the penis (!)

Prostate = periurethral glands (producing nearly identical fluid)

If you look at p0rn, you will see male ejaculation from a weak dribble to a 2 ounce shot that may shoot a foot or two and is essential to reproduction.

What about women? Female ejaculation (expulsion of fluid from periurethral glands near or within the "peehole") does exist but is an artifact like the drop or two of colostrum men may get from their nipples, is not essential to reproduction, but is never completely "selected out".

How many women really experience noticeable ejaculation of periurethral fluid versus the brief pee accidents many of you get during orgasm or the expulsion of pooled Vag fluid during contractions? When we ejaculate, there are one or more strong automatic contractions centered very near the anus. I am guessing that real female ejaculation should give girls a similar automatic pulsating sensation near her "peehole" and the glands contract, pushing out fluid, which may feel like a sudden need to pee.

The second part of my question asked if squirting is mostly an urban legend, meaning supporting the idea that men's and women's sexuality are the same.

Do you (girls) actually ejaculate? If so, what is it and how much do you get?

  • Vote A I get no noticeable expulsion of fluid
  • Vote B I have a brief release of pee sometimes
  • Vote C My contractions force out pooled vag fluid
  • Vote D I experience real female ejaculation.
  • Vote E I squirt just like you see men and women do in p0rn.
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Curious about the guy who experienced female ejaculation. The mind wanders.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I squirt on a regular basis, however it only started about a year ago. There have been times where it is only a couple of tablespoons, to times where it seems like 2-3 cups.

    The part where it feels as though you need to "pee", for me I feel as though my bladder is full because the female ejaculate is supposed to come from a gland similar to the male prostate behind the urethra which feels like a spongy area inside of the vagina (or the g-spot, more commonly known =) When the fluid builds there, it presses on my bladder, but peeing is a completely different sensation. There is a quick contraction-like feeling, but it does not feel the same as a clitoral orgasm - but incredibly satisfying!

    I can't tell you what it is, I'm no doctor or scientist, but it is clear, nearly odorless - and what smell does come from it, I cannot compare to anything else. My boyfriend says it smells sweet, and I tend to agree... almost like a light syrup? Haha. Hopefully I've settled a little bit of your curiosity!