Why do guys tell their guy friends when they have sex?

like if a guy has sex with someone he goes and tells all his guy friends


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  • Unless you are referring to guys under 16, that is not common behavior. Until then they want their friends to know how grown up they are. The telling friends bit is actually much more common among females. And I have never been able to grasp why they would do this. Girls are extremely judgmental of each other, so why give them something to judge you on?


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  • Because when they're young, it's a rare event, and something worth celebrating. Or at least high-fiveing your mates about.

    That stops once they start having regular sex.

    It starts up again, about a year into their first marriage.

    • well they don't need to act happy about it and tell everyone lmfao but I guess its just how boys are haha

    • girls are the same way though.

  • i got laid last night

    was she tight



    i beat the breaks of her

    awesome I'm getting another beer

  • girls do it too, if anything girls give more detail on size, hair etc

  • Don't girls do the same thing ?

    • naaw ha ha we don't do that! well not everyone of our friends.

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    • well I'm not the same way..people from where I live aren't like that :/

    • I think girls do a lot of the same things boys do

      they don't talk about it !

  • Guys aren't like girls.

    Its a score for us!

    • Do guys gossip about girls and their sex lives the way girls do?

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    • haha I don't do that @fumth385

    • Of course we care how the girl looks, we won't just f*** an ugly girl for the sake of it.

      Guys dnt care about a girls personality or any of the crap.

      Guys just want you on their d*** simple as.

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  • I think they do that because they are young and want to prove to their friends that they are "manly." in other words they are immature and want to show off. I have yet to find a nice guy that is over 21 that tells his friends that he has sex with ___ and when. I think they just need to learn still.

  • I tell some of my friends about my sex life with my boyfriend, its just fun to do and talk about haha

    • lmfao yeah I guess sometimes :L

  • its fun to talk about your sex life. and you will almost always talk about it unless your ashamed and the sex is just that bad HAHA

  • Why do girls? Everyone does it with their friends.

  • I gues it also depends where you live

    Most of the guys of my home country are real pigs and do that their whole life if theyre not serious about dating

    They talk behing their gils back even saying the cruelest things about them D:

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