GIRLS, have you ever kept your thong (or g-string) on during sex?

How does it work? I suppose it only works properly for doggy style, but does it work good or is it uncomfortable? If any girl has experience with it, please explain! :)


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  • Yes I have tried this and it work best with some swimming thong that I have that have sides you can make larger. So with those it work lot better than with panty style thong. It is comfortable that way but sometime the thong will slide back inside your p**** and get captured between his **** and your lips which can be annoying. I have only done it during doggy style sex. I hope this helps you.

    • THANKS! :)

    • no problem! Go get some side tie thong and it will work better for you if you do not own some already :D

What Guys Said 4

  • Sounds hot!

  • I hope a girl does this with me. I find this sort of hot...

  • i have done it with a girl who has kept it on before. usually she just moved it aside while I put it in. and it worked while she was on top/i was on top. and for doggy

  • Sounds very hot to me...


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  • It is easy, you just move it aside. I have done it in doggy and with me on top.

    It does get in the way sometimes but if it gets too annoying you just take it off. Bigger style thongs are more in the way than small ones and bikini-tie-on-the-side ones.

  • my last relationship my guy used to like to hold on to the material while doing me rough--it was so hot :)

  • I have several times (yes, always for doggy-style)...I guess a lot of girl would find it rather uncomfortable and would just do it cause the guyl likes. Personally though I liked it, simply because I feel very sexy while wearing a thong and it's great to keep that feeling even during sex...