How do I know if a guy just wants me for sexual pleasure, instead of a relationship? The most known signs?

Recently, guys only want me for their own sexual pleasures and once we're done, I'd never hear from them again. I do not expect them to stay after... Show More

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  • You'll want a 'nice guy' kind. At least an assertive one at that.

    A regular nice guy might respect you far too much and be too worried to make a move on you. So then it'll come down to YOU to make a move on him. You'll call the shot on sex and it'll be predictable since you know it's coming.

    An assertive nice guy will take you on dates, and get to know you more a bit at a time. He'll also call you just to talk and build more emotional comfort. He won't push for sex too soon, but he will make a move sooner or later. But that usually only happens when he notices your attraction for him. Sometimes you won't feel it, other times you will.

    But you know what? Even the nicest guy could pump and dump you. Seriously. It's funny, You just never know the risks you're taking. And all I can say is - if you WANT a relationship, tell the guy. Then get his side of it. Being honest and direct can save you both trouble. But it seems like in this day and age, the young guys don't care for antyhing serious ebcause there's time on the clock to screw around with other women. AKA the 18-25 year old guys. An older male will most likely be looking to settle down.

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    • I would be cautious about telling him that you want a relationship. He might just agree with you in order to get you in the sack.

    • Yes, that's possible. But so is a 6-month relationship, a 2-year relationship, 5-year, or even marriage.

    • I have a question. This guy I liked took me on dates for a while, then when I came out and actually told him I liked him, he started acting differently. He took me to the beach at night, he kissed me, he started groping. I asked him what we were doing and he said just hanging out. He's both shy and assertive. But, I can't tell what went wrong. He paid for all the dates and asked me out and called me until I told him I liked him...