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Uncomfortable with my lower area?

i never had a problem with the way it looked until recently. I watch p*rn from time to time and it never really phased me to see all of the near... Show More

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  • Guys don't care, Not to sound like a pervert, but all Vagina's are a work of art. They are all different in different shapes, sizes, etc. I was just talking to my friend about that, All ladies should know that guys don't really care or judge. I never judged and I see no purpose to start now. I know I'm not the only guy who thinks like this.

    • vice versa should be put into practice also.

    • agreed =)

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  • Sounds normal, everyone's different and unique.I'm sure any guy lucky enough to get that far with you will appreciate you the way you are.

  • it is not abnormal...dont waste time on how it looks...as long as it is physiological functioning normal...like d*** shape/size the clit is different from one woman to other...some are pink and other dark...but all the same

  • I feel similar about my penis too. I was circumsized as an early teen and tiny bits of skin stick out where I was stitched up (my hormonal erections ruined the stitch job). I've been thinking about just getting a razor and cutting the excess off myself, but I decided it's something I have to live with.And when you find somebody who loves you, it won't matter.Those p*rn actors are generally fruits of god-given genetics. The only reason you see the same ones over and over are because they have "perfect pussys" and "perfect cocks". They get more work for having these traits. It's best not to let the p*rn industry ruin your life, just walk away from the computer.

  • Porn is unrealistic and fake. If a guy is lucky enough to see your area, he'll love it and think its beautiful.

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