How do you get a guy to go down on you?

I know, from what I've heard it's a rather disgusting taste. But how do I get a guy, to eat me out.

I had a guy friend who whenever we hungout , would get on top of me start making out, and then slowly pull off my pants.

Then he would slowly go down, and do the "job" if you catch my drift.

It was amazing.

And I want someone to do it again.



Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow I don't know where you heard that but that's not what I've found nor heard. So are you saying that you've had guys since that guy friend that have not wanted to go down on you? If so, I hope you've not gone down on them either. I'm sure there are guys that don't like going down on a girl just like they're girls that don't like giving head to a guy or certainly not swallowing. In that case you just need to have a guy that likes to do that first of all. Once you do he won't wanna leave you alone. lol! I don't know how you look or how attractive you are, but if you are attractive and hot that certainly helps. Also, how you dress can make it more inviting too. It's amazing how the taste will be much better when these other things are more right since so much about sex is in a guy's head. I prefer my girl to be wearing a short jean skirt or tight jeans or short shorts ahead of time because are turn on for me. These are just examples how dress can influence how good a girl looks or will be to eat. :-P A little personal hygiene is important too, but I still like the girl to be as natural as possible and go down on her kinda spontaneously like that guy friend of yours did because that did sound amazing. :-) .