How do you get a guy to go down on you?

I know, from what I've heard it's a rather disgusting taste. But how do I get a guy, to eat me out.

I had a guy friend who whenever we hungout , would get on top of me start making out, and then slowly pull off my pants.

Then he would slowly go down, and do the "job" if you catch my drift.

It was amazing.

And I want someone to do it again.



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  • Wow I don't know where you heard that but that's not what I've found nor heard. So are you saying that you've had guys since that guy friend that have not wanted to go down on you? If so, I hope you've not gone down on them either. I'm sure there are guys that don't like going down on a girl just like they're girls that don't like giving head to a guy or certainly not swallowing. In that case you just need to have a guy that likes to do that first of all. Once you do he won't wanna leave you alone. lol! I don't know how you look or how attractive you are, but if you are attractive and hot that certainly helps. Also, how you dress can make it more inviting too. It's amazing how the taste will be much better when these other things are more right since so much about sex is in a guy's head. I prefer my girl to be wearing a short jean skirt or tight jeans or short shorts ahead of time because are turn on for me. These are just examples how dress can influence how good a girl looks or will be to eat. :-P A little personal hygiene is important too, but I still like the girl to be as natural as possible and go down on her kinda spontaneously like that guy friend of yours did because that did sound amazing. :-) .


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  • First, the taste thing is hogwash. If you're healthy and clean, you'll taste fine.

    Second, you want a guy to eat you out, ask. You tell a guy eat or hit the bricks, most will eat.

  • do you have a guy in mind already that you want to do the job?

    Once you have a guy in mind, the easiest way to do it is to talk about oral sex in a harmless way.and you do that by simply saying.'so I heard on tv the other day that most men want oral sex but they don't want to give it.' This way you're setting the 'environment' for oral sex discussion; from there, is all about flirting and you saying, 'i love oral sex, but unfortunately don't have anybody that wants to service my needs.' If the guy is smart, of course he will volunteeer, and you didn't even have to ask. Of course, you can simply ask---would you like to give me oral, but is been my experience that women kind of hint at it, and guys get the hint and make a move on it.

  • "rather disgusting taste" HELL NO!. its one of the most amazing things for a guy to do. just lay back and relax in the knowledge that any guy is LOVING giving you oral sex.

  • disgusting taste? Do you need to improve your hygiene? You should find out what the taste is. If it is bad, clean up. Most guys enjoy doing this. You will soon find another that likes it.

    A hint: When he is sucking on a nipple, gently push his head in the wanted direction. If he is willing, he will understand what you want.

    there is also the radical idea of communicating with your sexual partner. Tell him what you like. I can't believe you are OK getting naked and spreading your legs in his presence, but are too shy to talk too him.

    • Yeah..I'm a girl & there should NEVER be a bad smell or taste, EVER. Maybe this is TMI but don't douche. Its very unhealthy and will make you smell worse bc ur body will produce more fluids to makeup for what ur taking from it. Use a feminine wash specific for those areas, it'll keep ur PH in check. Soaps are a big no no.

    • Oh lawdy. Forgot to mention... SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE. 98% of guys hate hair and its much cleaner. Pubic Hair is meant to keep hormonal scents to attract mates. I very much doubt your love bird is a caveman and is into that.

  • How about putting an advert on a swingers site like link and being specific about what you're looking for?

    You'll have to wait until your 18th birthday until you can do that, however.

  • "From what I've heard?" You should be the expert on your own equipment! First, make sure things are trim (check out any skin mag i.e. Playboy, Hustler, etc. for sexy grooming examples), clean and fresh. Odor and bad taste are easily avoided. Then you can be confident. At which point . just go for it. Get naked from the waist down and tease him with your ass (shake it in his face, etc.). It will NOT take long for him to be fully aroused, and given the proximity of his head to your equipment he should get the idea. If he doesn't, steer him in the right direction by the ears! Again, don't be shy. Very few guys mind and most enjoy it, especially if it really turns you on and leads to great sex.

  • force him to;)

  • tell him you like it


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  • If you can't talk him into going downtown, you shouldn't do it for him either. Either a guy or a girl who has good hygiene tastes really sexy.

    See if you can get him to start kissing you around there because it feels so good.

  • Its a tough thing not having equal oral sex. I'm in the same pickle right now and it just gets frustrating.