I am totally disgusted by penises?

Penises just completely disgust me. I literally feel like I am going to throw up. And that's just from looking at it. I've been told there's great looking penises and horrible penises, but I just think they are all nasty. I don't want anything to do with it, look at it or touch it.

I don't think it's normal but I just don't know. I've come to realize I can't avoid it no matter how much I want to.

Just thinking about them right now makes me want to gag.

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me.


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  • hey its OK, I think penises are ugly too (and I'm definately straight) they re not beautiful, but they can still be fun :).

    I feel like if you are in a situation where you re naked with a guy, you re about to have sex or whatever and all you re feeling is disgust then maybe you just haven't found a guy who really turns you on , or maybe you just need more time to be comfortable with sex in general

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      I agree with the original post I have been feeling the same just wanting to throw up ugh... I been with one dude my whole life only and in the middle of our relationship I was just disgusted by everything his kisses him penis and even now that I'm not with him I could see a sexy dude but once I start to talk to them here comes the thought and disgust to even kiss him or even thinking of other things ugh (just want to puke to the thought)

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  • The human body is disgusting. If I was disgusted by every single "objectively disgusting" aspect of the human body, I'd literally die of dehydration from constantly throwing up, that being a self-amplifying effect because of how throwing up is extremely disgusting.

    But as disgusting as the human body is, that's pretty much what makes it beautiful. Honestly, it seems like a waste to hate it for being naturally what it's like. We should cherish it.

  • Hmm.. My question would be, are you just as disgusted to vaginas? Do vulvas repulse you as penises do?

  • do you hate men?

    • some of my best friends are guys

    • but it does seem you may be a lesbian...thats cool either way

    • again, just because you're not into sex with men doesn't mean you hate men, or dont like them

  • Fear the pants-kobra, for it can potentially inject venom into you that will end the fun in your life mwuhuhaha! Well maybe you just haven't, I suppose, experimented with one/enough of them yet? If that's the case you're fearing the unknown, which is natural of humans to do. If you've had sex and explored the male genitalia then I don't know what to say really, but like my experience with tuna, don't judge something by it's looks or smell until you've tasted it and experienced it yourself, tunas awesome but only cause I gave it a chance

  • All I can say, is that if your not already a lesbian you should look into becoming one.

    • true but I used to be like her but now I think about touching one and mind her I am still a virgin so yea I am at my peak prime now!

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    • You can. I know a girl who used to claim to be bi but says she's straight now.

    • you can't become gay. nor can you become straight. your mind can be opened and potentially closed to new thoughts and situations, but for that to happen you would have to be at least a little bit gay to begin with underneath all that "straight". its just takes a little coaxing for it to... come out

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  • This is a matter of self-knowing. Are you interested in women?

  • Same here, I used to say I was bi, I mean guys are great looking, from the waist up. Thinking about their pants coming off is such a turn off for me.I went on a complete rant on everything you just said a few times. Honestly just ask yourself, can you have a relationship with a man? Can it be sexual? Do you fantasize about being intimate with a man? What about women? Do you mind the female genitalia? Can you be in a relationship with a woman? Can it be sexual? So on and so forth. Think about it and consider your sexuality. It's a journey really.

    Good luck!

  • I definitely don't feel that way. I don't think its totally normal, at least not for someone who is sexially attracted to guys. I'm pretty sure most girls can tolerate them even if they don't love them. Could you be a lesbian? Could you be asexual? If it's neither of those things, maybe you had some sort of bad experience in your past that made you feel that way? Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe lots of girls feel that way. But I can't relate to being attracted to someone yet being disgusted by their genitals.

    • Are you equally disgusted my female genitalia?

      I'm sure you are not the only girl who feels the way you do, but it will be very hard to have a good sexual relationship this way. I don't know how well a guy would react to knowing that you find one of his most... entertaining body parts so horrifying.

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    • It seems like a bit of a mystery then. You ARE attracted to men in general, besides for that part?

    • 3mo

      It isn't a mystery, penises are gross. She's totally normal.

  • Maybe if he draws a smiley face on his ding dong, you'll feel different?

  • I feel the same way.

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