Why does my boyfriend like looking at my face during sex?

He always looks at my face and runs his fingers through my hair and pushes it off my face. He makes eye contact all the time. We mostly are in the missionary position or me on top of him but we are always face to face. What could this mean? We both smile sometimes and sometimes he pulls me down to kiss him. Why does he do this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • lol He REALLY likes you and likes to see how he affects you during sex. He loves your hair and maybe he thinks it looks sexy when you have your hair in your face during sex. My boyfriend is the exact same. He loves to look at my face while we're having sex and he says it is because he loves the faces I make during sex and just makes him want to perform better and better.

    It's the same with my moans/screams; he simply likes to know how much he turns me on. And I'm sure it's the same for you and your boyfriend. Just ask him. But ask him in a nice way, complimenting him on it and what not. I was kind of "teasing" my boyfriend when I asked him and he gladly told me.