Are all white girls secretly into black guys?

Ive heard that every white girl has a black **** fantasy is it true ?


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  • im not attracted to black guys at all. not racist or anything.

    • Yeah...maybe a little

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    • dude, I'm not disrespecting anyone. I'm answering a question. you people are so pathetic, if you don't want to the answer then don't ask the f***ing question.

    • I'm the same.

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  • I am not secret about it at all. I really doubt that every or even the majority of the white girls have a fantasy to be f*cked by a black guy.

  • No. I would date/have sex with a black guy, but it would be because I like him as a person and have nothing to do with his d***. That said, I don't fantasize about any guy based on his race, or stereotypes about his race, I fantasize about guys I like.

  • LMAO! no! what the hell! gross..only if your a whore maybe. who would fantasize about a penis? wtf!

    • oh and I'm only saying the whore part because of fantasizing about a penis..I mean, you aren't if you date a black dude..but, if you want to have sex with him just for his penis? weird.

    • lol

  • Hell No black guys need to stay with black girls , I have been a nurse for 10 years and seen every size and shape on average black d***s are no bigger than white ones. The reason white girls go with black guys is low self asteem, trying to get back at their parents, wanting to get atention or they just don't know any better. on the other hand if you were a black guy and had a choice wouldent you rather f*** a white girl than a black girl?

    • not every parent is against their child having an interracial relationship. your answer as a whole is dumb and ignorant. please let me know what hospital or dr office you work at so I can be sure to avoid it.

    • um just because a woman prefers black men doesn't mean she has a low self esteem or is trying to get back at her parents. I prefer hispanic, black, and Asian guys so does that mean I have a low self esteem or am trying to get back at my parents? No, that's just what I like.

  • I like black men but not because of their penis, because they are just sexy and tall and have deep voices and muscles... well not all but a lot. I've hooked up with a black guy, not sex but other things and his penis was average size.. but it was really insanely soft lol.

    • It's sad these jealous black women and jealous white men are hating on you and giving you thumbs down for what preference. Sad world we live in.

    • Lol I wrote this like 9 months ago. I wouldn't even write something like that now haha.

    • My answer now would probably be something along the lines of "I like all races."

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  • I can't help but think this is a fetish to some guys to want girls to be into other guys... lol I don't get it

    Not everyone has the same preference, do you see guys all seeking the same type off girl within the same race? No, all girls have their own personal tastes wheather that be within the race or out

  • My first girlfriend wanted to sleep with one before she dies. The second way. The third one actually did sleep with one and said it wasn't anything special.

  • no. I will leave it at that to evade looking racist.

  • I wish people would stop asking questions like this...

  • what kinda chickensh*t question is this... stupid.

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