Nice Rack...

What in your opinion makes a girl have "really nice tits." Are they small, large? Are they perky? How would you describe tits they aren't nice tits.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's really subjective. I could give you some standards, but each one is only as important as the whole and each one is only true to a point. The most important thing about nice tits is that they are on a great person. I would rather see the subpar tits of an otherwise attractive (by looks or personality) than a great pair on an otherwise disgusting person.

    Here are some standards that I would go by in general. I've ordered them by importance, but like I said, any or all of these can either be determinative or go right out the window with the right person:

    1. The person wearing them. More often than not, this makes all the difference.

    2. Size. I generally prefer larger tits.

    3. Shape. Usually whatever shape the tits are is a reason why I like them ("I love how round they are!" "I love how they hang!" etc.).

    4. Turgidity. I generally prefer firmer tits.

    5. Bounciness. I don't know if this relates to the tits or the activities of the person wearing them, but bouncing tits attract my attention, which in turn makes me like them.

    6. Celebration. If someone loves their tits, loves to play with their tits, or loves to have me see or play with their tits, then I will generally love their tits as well. An otherwise odd or subpar pair of tits becomes awesome when it's presented as this fun thing that the girl is excited about.

    7. Availability. I don't generally get excited about tits I can't see. If you've got the cleavage going on, then I'll probably think more highly of them. If you are wearing a thick sweater, I might not be thinking about them at all.

    I've never really put that much thought into the science of enjoying boobs, but as I keep thinking about it, I'm realizing that there is a lot to the subject. In that regard, I hope this helps and feel free to ask me for clarification on any of what I've posted!