A female's anatomy by race - is it true?

Once I read somewhere that the female anatomy (down there) differs by her race. For instance, I read that the vagina of Asian people is far below than Caucasian women. In the latter, it is a little in front. As a result, it is easier for Caucasian women to have intercourse standing up. On the same note, Asian women need to keep a pillow under the women's hips even in a regular missionary position for easy approach. How mush of this is true?


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  • Its not a case of the Asian vagina being below…..Asian woman tend to have higher pubic bones (protruding more) than Caucasian woman, giving the impression that the vagina is situated more to the back. This of course is the reason why you will find it easier to penetrate an Asian woman if she has pillows under her and why Caucasian woman find it easier to have sex standing up


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  • There are some generalizations with a bit of backing but most dedicated studies dismiss the concept due to the fact that that the genitalia, not unlike the rest of the body, varies from person to person rather than race to race.

  • sounds like a myth...scientifically speakin I heard the g spot is less than 4 inches inside the vagina of every women.

  • i've never noticed any difference by race specifically. I have noticed difference from woman to woman. it's like saying all black guys have huge d***s and all Asians have small d***s. I know an Asian who outsizes me ( white) and my black friend by at least an inch. ( I know because we work out together and the gym we go to has shower rooms)

  • also blacks and whites have longer vaginas and tend to chase well endowed men

    part of the reason why they cheat so much

    • I would say that black women are vaginally larger since black men seem to be larger themselves. Nature has a way of making people of the same origin compatible.

  • Hmmm I've never noticed any differences between caucasian and Asian women before... but that is just me.