How can you tell if you are making love or just having sex?

I would like to know, how can you tell if the guy is making love with you or just having sex? Can you tell by the way he moves while you are together? Please answer as detailed as possible for better understanding.


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  • I'd say you can tell a lot more by how much you love each other when no sex is involved. I don't think anyone is ever having sex and is thinking, "Oh I'm making love to you", or thinking, 'I'm just having sex." I think it all has to do with how much you love each other because if you truly love a person you'll always be making love. Having sex is more like what happens on hook ups or when people have sex when they hardly even really know the per person yet. Like you can't make love if you don't love the person. Where that is lacking, it will always be just having sex.


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  • If you have sex for about 15 minutes, orgasm and leave or go to sleep; then it's just for sex. But when you add in hugs, kisses, massages, deep gazing into your partner's eyes and take a long time that results in several orgasms; then it's lovemaking. In addition, if you never hear from your partner again and all it turned out to be was a one nigher, then it's sex only. Otherwise, it made for a meaningful time together.


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  • It's a feeling almost, like an emotional connection between the two people. I'm in a committed relationship, have been for almost five years, and I can still tell the difference. When we have sex, it's usually for pleasure, for the sun of it, etc. But when we make love, well, it's different. It's not always slow and passionate and everything the movies make it out to be, but the connection is different.I would almost say it's like affirming the bond the two of you have together.

  • Making love is with a person that you like or love. It's usually slower, more sensual sex, where you can really feel it. You two are facing one another. I was say just having sex" would mean doggy style and your doing it just to have sex. I think you can tell the difference once you "make love" and once you just "have sex"

  • sex is just sex, making love is more about what your relationship is like aside from sex and then when you are getting down to it I would say its more slow, romantic, the eyes connect sensually rather than the look of just dam your a hot f***, more effort is made, it feels different it feels more relaxed than just sex or quick shag.


    Sensual {slow, lots of non genital skin touching, stroking, massage etc}

    Romantic {as in setting}

    Soft kisses

    Eyes connect deeply

  • It's the way he moves, it's the way he talks, it's if he wants to satisfy you as much as he wants to satisfy himself. If he's quite happy to do the deed and then leave you to your own devices, you can be pretty sure that's just sex. Equally if he has no time to help you get in the mood, he just wants to do it right now even though you're not ready, that's probably just sex.

    Alternatively, if he wants to take the time to make sure you enjoy yourself to, if he sets up a candle lit dinner, gives you a backrub, plays around a little before hand, then takes care of you while you're having intercourse, by which I mean he talks to you and listens to you and knows what you like and does it, then you're in luck and you've found someone who loves you. It's a good sign if he sticks around afterwards for a cuddle too!

    That's my feeling on the matter anywyay.