My areolas are 2 inches?

I am a B cup and they are 2 inches that can't be normal right because every time I search boobies on the internet or search for boobies my size they show girls with really small areola and now I'm starting to think mine are not normal.are they and what can I do to make them tiny?


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  • Mine are bigger than 'average' too, and I'm also a B cup. Surgery is possible, but PLEASE consider this before letting someone cut your boobs open just because a few idiots here have said it's weird:

    It is not weird. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes, just like penises. Had the guys commenting on your question ever actually seen a pair in real life, they would know this.

    My most important point: Why would you do this just because some men aren't happy with YOUR body? What has your body got to do with them anyway? Never change yourself, especially physically, to please someone. If they don't accept you for who you are, they aren't worth it.

    The men on this question are stupid pricks who think that all women should look like p*rn stars because it pleases them, and they deserve to be pleased. They think they have the right to make women feel insecure enough to get expensive and painful surgery so they look like what THEY think all women should look like.

    Do you want to be a clone to please them? I certainly don't.

    You will find someone who loves the whole of you exactly the way you are. And nipples are so unimportant, even when it comes to looking sexy. Any guy that deserves you will know that.

    Plus, lots of men find big areolas sexy...

    • you and fsugirl made me feel better thanks

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  • Check this girl out. : link

    She doesn't appear to be at all concerned or upset about the size of her areolas. Neither should you be upset about the size of yours.

    There is no 'common' size of areolas for girls with B boobs. I have seen girls with Bs and they had big areolas. That is not uncommon. Yours must look awesome! So please stop worrying.

  • Accept it - they won't change shape or size and you will find nice people will think they are perfectly good the way they are. Who knows, later on in life if you get pregnant and the breasts themselves grow, you may find the relative sizes are more balanced.

  • Don't base your personal body image on what you see on the internet. P*rn stars make up ***less than one percent*** of the total population of Earth, and they are a HIGHLY specialized bunch. You think every guy on the planet has a 10" Johnny Johnson? Ever notice how p*rn is disproportionately white, blond girls and white, body-builder guys? They are not a representative sample of reality. Neither is Hollywood. They are hand picked because they are unique.

    I've seen boobs of all shapes and sizes, and nipple and areolas of all shapes and sizes. Trust me, the size of you areola is no where even close to our mind when we get to see you naked. The only thing we're thinking is "wow, I get to see her naked!" We love, love, love the naked female body, and unless you're just rediculously overweight or something, we don't care about the minor things you might notice. There's probably a guy that's out there that LOVES women with large areolas, to be honest.

    So trust me, you're fine, you don't need surgery. If a guy comments on how large your areolas are as a negative, tell him if he wants to make fun of them, he doesn't get to see them anymore. Watch how fast he changes his tune.

  • Silly goose

    They are perfectly normal


    Areolae are the boobs' more sensitive areas, and if the periphery / nerves cut you may lose a lot of sensitivity.

  • Yours already are normal!... tiny is not normal.

  • dont do anything to them. any guy appreciates naked boobs. he's not gonna make fun of you lol

  • Theres really nothing you can do. Sorry to say because it is a little weird but with a good girl I wouldn't really care so don't worry about it. :)

  • Little larger then normal, but any guy who says he is turned off by a girl nipples, a girl that he's already attracted to before seeing her nipples is secretly gay. I know no straight guy who wants his girls nipples to look like his (ie tiny)

    • well I am going to get them made normal but thank you

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    • No, question asker, everyone else has not agreed. CuriousEddie and all of the women said it was normal and you should not have the surgery done. One helpful girl down there even gave a suggestion to a very helpful site I HOPE you visited. link

      The rest of the men here have probably never seen a real boob in their life.

    • every girl should visit this site, it was very helpful to me when I was having body troubles too.

  • I find that interesting and a plus in attractiveness!

  • I think that big areolas are sexy. Look at it this way... Nearly ALL men have tiny areolas, so big areolas are feminine right?

  • That is larger than normal but it's relatively small issue

    • I am going to get surgery to make them normal but thanks

  • definitely a turnoff lol maybe put makeup on them or see if there is a surgery for them?

  • ew try getting a reduction cause they shouldn't be that big


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  • Allot of women tend to want to change there bodies because they assume that the opposite sex will find them more attractive! Your areolas make your body...yours! many men are subjected to "perfect bodies" in p*rn and magazines...they loose sight of what is actually normal. Women are the same...subjected to the apparent "ideal" of what women should look like through media and magazines.

    Love your body exactly how it is! I have HUGE boobs! G cup. I'm not large framed, just have huge boobies. I wanted to get a breast reduction for years because ONE guy said they were too I grew older I realized that If they are not happy with me..."as I come" they are not for me!.

    Don't stress... if your with a guy (a decent one) the last thing he is going to be judging is the size of your areolas!

    If you want surgery... spend a long time thinking about WHO you are doing for...if it is even slightly for a man. Don't do it! ONLY do it for yourself. But personally I don't think you should change your body at all.:) go look at the site" FSUGIRL13" suggested. we are all different.

  • I'm a B cup and mine are a little over 2 inches.. I love how all of the comments so far have just made me feel kind of like a freak. I doubt we're the only ones with large areolas, there's nothing wrong or weird in my opinion. It may not be the most desirable size, and honestly I'm insecure about mine, but I think it's better than being totally flat chested.

    But yes, you can get them reduced surgicaly. Sad to say, there's no fix for a 2 inch pecker ;)

    I'm pretty sure I'd rather be a girl with slightly larger than average areolas than a guy with no balls. Sort of like the guys saying you should get your breasts changed, for them. Not one has said you should get them changed because it would help you feel better about yourself.

    If that's what they think they can stick to p*rn, in the real world not ever girl is "perfect." I doubt most of them will ever get a chance to realize that though.

    Google "real breasts" and go to the first sight.

    • Great site! Women really need to see what "real" breasts look like.

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    • I only agree with this part of your answer, "I'm a B cup and mine are a little over 2 inches... better than being totally flat chested." We all are what we are in terms of our bodies and shouldn't try to change our bodies. You could one day meet a guy, like me, and tell him you once had 2 inchers and had them reduced. He would lament that you did such thing because he truly would have LOVED them!

    • @Cartiphilus: I don't completely understand why you're saying that that is the only part of my answer you agree with? No where in my answer did I say that she should change her self. I kinda sort of was trying to get the "You were made that way and guys that care enough to make it an issue aren't worth it" point across :P I agree with what you said, maybe try re-reading my answer?

  • Mine aren't that big but are large, but I don't think that is that bad. I don't think guys really object to large areola.

  • its normal it just means your boobs are gona get way bigger later in life

    • That's not what they mean

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    • um think before you speak ? she was actually in the same boat as you .. damn could you be more shallow ? no guy cares about the size of you nipples or whatever anyways as long as your not lopsided they could care less.. ha trust me

    • Could you? I have already talked to a doctor about it and that's not what it means and if you find this question ridiculous get off of it

  • I'm so disappointed in what all of the guys are saying. You all need to grow up.

    It's absolutely normal and in fact some people even LIKE them that way. Yes, there is surgery that can make them smaller, but cosmetic surgery in general is expensive and honestly, not worth it for something most people don't even really give a damn about.

    For every one guy that hates them, there's going to be another guy that loves them and ten guys that don't care either way. Besides, if you're ever intimate with a guy enough to get to that point with him, the size of your areolas should not be the first thing on his mind and if they are, there's a problem with HIM, not with you.

    And if anyone took the time to measure it out, 2 inches across is not that big. You're not even in pancake nipple territory yet. There are plenty of people out there with much larger areolas (and it hasn't even stopped some from becoming p*rn stars), so seriously, don't fuss over them.