My areolas are 2 inches?

I am a B cup and they are 2 inches that can't be normal right because every time I search boobies on the internet or search for boobies my size they show girls with really small areola and now I'm starting to think mine are not normal.are they and what can I do to make them tiny?


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  • Mine are bigger than 'average' too, and I'm also a B cup. Surgery is possible, but PLEASE consider this before letting someone cut your boobs open just because a few idiots here have said it's weird:

    It is not weird. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes, just like penises. Had the guys commenting on your question ever actually seen a pair in real life, they would know this.

    My most important point: Why would you do this just because some men aren't happy with YOUR body? What has your body got to do with them anyway? Never change yourself, especially physically, to please someone. If they don't accept you for who you are, they aren't worth it.

    The men on this question are stupid pricks who think that all women should look like p*rn stars because it pleases them, and they deserve to be pleased. They think they have the right to make women feel insecure enough to get expensive and painful surgery so they look like what THEY think all women should look like.

    Do you want to be a clone to please them? I certainly don't.

    You will find someone who loves the whole of you exactly the way you are. And nipples are so unimportant, even when it comes to looking sexy. Any guy that deserves you will know that.

    Plus, lots of men find big areolas sexy...

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      you and fsugirl made me feel better thanks