What's some good household items I can use as a dildo...

and how can I sterilize it?


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  • A carrot works well. It can be carved to the size and shape you like. It doesn't need to be sterilized, washed and peeled will be fine. I assume you know it is a single use appliance. :)


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  • umm they're not that expensive to buy, and it's much cheaper than going to the doctor because you either:

    a) got something stuck up there (not to mention embarrassing).

    b) get an infection from sticking contaminated objects in your vag.

  • One of my ex-girlfriends used to use a handle of her spatula. Just wash it wish mild soap and water first, and dry it off. I think she would wrap it in cellophane too.

  • candle, my ex told me she used that a lot when she was growing up

  • pillow duh

  • Cucumber.


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  • hair brush, the part you hold.

    shower head (when it's on, obviously)

    ^I'd personally recommend shower head.

    I'd get creative and think of more but I'm feeling rather lazy at the moment.

    • lol at the part you hold, imagine she uses the other side.

    • Hey, I had to put that in there. Just in case people don't have common sense.

      And there are some that just don't.

      Don't wanna be responsible for a teen who gets pregnant with cousin It.

    • lol, that would be hilrious

  • Just buy one. You can get one online or at an adult store.

  • Haha vibrating back massager, Love that thing, and rubbing alcohol just don't use it right after you steralize haha