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How can I swallow for my husband?

OK this is an odd question, my husband wants me to swallow when giving him a BJ and I want to but I can't bring my self to do it. is there any... Show More


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  • Com'on girl give it up to him! Its not bad at all. Leave his penis head in your mouth and suck while jacking his shaft and just let it flow in and down throat to the tummy. Pretty easy to do.

    • oh, yeah! sign me up!

    • You mean your girl doesn't do this?

    • Hell no. Well, in my dreams maybe.

What Guys Said 3

  • Sorry babe but you husband is just not a healthy enough specimen.

  • jsut swallow it and follow it with a glass of wine or beer or whatever to get rid of the taste

  • 69. Him on top. Gravity does the rest. You just have to go with it. Also, keep a can of whipped cream by the bed. Nuff said?

What Girls Said 8

  • I personally feel uncomfortable if the guy pushes too far into my mouth as he cums. I just swallow it as fast as I can, so I don't have to hold it in my mouth for any length of time, for me it's easier than holding it all in my mouth until he's finished, esp. if he cums more than others... :o)

  • I would just say try not to overthink it--it sounds like you may be doing that & that makes it worse than it really is, in my personal opinion. I do think it's nice you're trying to please your husband...you'll probably get some good tips below...but I say, just do it! The less you dwell on it, the less likely you'll be to get sick.

  • read: link

  • Sometimes I just open my mouth and let him shoot into it, then swallow. Other times I hold the head in my mouth and let it shoot in then swallow and other times I take him deep into my mouth and it just shoots down my throat. I just love it anyway I can get it.

  • just don't think about it to much, and take it! he will love that your wanting to please him!

  • Just suck it and when he's about to come (ask him to let you know when he cums) just stick it in as far as you can take it and swallow as he's cumming. That way you're not left with a big load to swallow at one time and you won't even taste it if it's past your taste buds.

    • laugh... are you single?

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    • Lol I have a boyfriend so I'm not single:)

    • you often have the hottest answers!

  • Since my husband and I each take a can of tea or soda to bed. I pretend to swallow my mans load and act like I'm getting a drink and spit it in the soda can.

    • He hasn't caught on that you never take a sip out of your drink again? What if he kills his drink and wants a sip of yours?

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    • maybe if it tasted good then I would swallow. or maybe I should spit the load in his mouth to let him taste that nasty sh*t.

    • LOL if he goes for a drink in the morning! hahahaha

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