Should I take her clothes off while making out or does she take off mine?

Never gone farther than making out, so do I need to take her top off when I'm on the bed with her and then take off my shirt? HOW DOES THE PROCESS WORK please help

She did move my hand to start feeling her up under her shirt...


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  • naww aren't you cute hehee

    Well I reckon that you should wait for her to make the first move to whether you should progress further than first base because you don't want her to be uncomfortable and not be ready for what she's going to see or what's going to happen. She'll probably make the first move by slipping her hands under your shirt and nudge your shirt up higher than your waist.. then you can go ahead and remove it. Please DONT unbutton her clothes if she hasn't given you any signs that she wants her clothes removed.

    There are no rules to this. usually what happens just comes naturally. there's nothing worse than if you say "ok, it's been 5 minutes of me being shirt-less.. now it's time for me to unclip your bra." Do you know what I mean? It'll just play out to how comfortable and how you feel with each other. There aren't any rules to follow.. you'll just feel it.

    • she already moved my hand to start massaging her breast under her shirt

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  • it's a turn on if you do it for her & pull your own shirt off too, I hate having to undress it's like you don't know if he wants you naked or not.

    moslty just pulling clothes to one side is sexy too - by you.

  • Let her take off your shirt first, and then you take hers off. Girls tend to be less forward than boys so if she makes that first move, then that's a go to go further by taking off clothing.

  • I think you should start taking her clothes off while making out, then she will take your clothes off

  • just relax and let what happens, happen. :)


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  • She usually does it herself than you take your shirt off. She initiates while you watch then proceed. That's what I experienced. Based on p.o.v.

    -Beautiful ladies of girlsaskguys, help answer this ;). I don't want it to be subjective on my part.

  • yes, do it

  • You usually take each others clothes off.