Which zodiac sign do you think is better in bed?

I know this question is probably to each his own, but which one do you think is better or what are your experiences with one?

I found that Scorpio guys, as much as they say they are sexy and they rule the private parts, they actually sucked and didn't know what to do with my vagina. One of them completely ignored the clit, and he thought he was doing it right. it's actually funny, and the other one was very quick, and both were selfish. They had B.O. Virgo's take care of you in bed..any other experiences?

If you don't believe in astrology please do not comment. I asked which one in your opinion do you think is best, not that it's a bunch of b.s. Thank you.


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  • Libras usually do best with other air signs.

    That said, ref.


    who breaks signs down to weeks (not months) & has been dead on forecaster my whole life - even though it's also uncanny accurate parlor game fun.

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      I've seen that book in stores. I have checked it out, but I haven't gone through the whole thing, but thanx.

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      You can go to just YOUR page, then look up the best suggestions - the remainder fo the book is for reference