Which zodiac sign do you think is better in bed?

I know this question is probably to each his own, but which one do you think is better or what are your experiences with one?

I found that Scorpio guys, as much as they say they are sexy and they rule the private parts, they actually sucked and didn't know what to do with my vagina. One of them completely ignored the clit, and he thought he was doing it right. it's actually funny, and the other one was very quick, and both were selfish. They had B.O. Virgo's take care of you in bed..any other experiences?

If you don't believe in astrology please do not comment. I asked which one in your opinion do you think is best, not that it's a bunch of b.s. Thank you.


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  • Libras usually do best with other air signs.

    That said, ref.


    who breaks signs down to weeks (not months) & has been dead on forecaster my whole life - even though it's also uncanny accurate parlor game fun.

    • I've seen that book in stores. I have checked it out, but I haven't gone through the whole thing, but thanx.

    • You can go to just YOUR page, then look up the best suggestions - the remainder fo the book is for reference

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  • To emit a qualified opinion one should have had at least several sex partners with/from every astrological sign. How many people do?

    • how many people had say, 36 sex partners?

    • If everyone puts their opinions together, we could probably come up with at least one sure thing about each sign. :p

    • "we could probably come up with at least one sure thing about each sign. :p"

      yes, that astrology is plain B.S.

  • Check out The Astrology of Kink.


    • I checked this out vs my experiences with past flames - this is dead on correct in every aspect. Many thanks for the link. Best answer!

    • great :D

  • I'm a Virgo and I take care of women in bed, I don't mind going down and I know exactly what to do down there, I actually took my time in the past to ask what pleasures a women, and through lots of trial and error and reading books, I'm a master of the vagina.

    • Yeah Virgo's like giving head.

  • Really people still believe zodiac signs, that would have to mean over a span of the time period of a star sign every person of different age, gender, race, religion and nationality must behave the same way according to stars in the sky that somehow affect us?

  • well if your trial pool of zodiac signs from scorpios was only 2 guys your missing me sweet heart. I'm a scorpio and I'm great at sex(every girl I have been with said I was good) not being conceded. but to be good at sex especially for guys they can't be selfish, they have to have to HAVE to try and make it the best they can for her and get his pleasure from pleasuring her. whenever I have sex especially when going down on a girl I always pay attention to her breathing, any twitches, and body language. guys can't be selfish in bed or they WILL ALWAYS be terrible.

    as for the zodiac signs I haven't noticed much from the women side, except I have had a few girls who make no moaning or noises and you are left feeling like you were horrible even when they tell you that your good at it and it felt good.

    im a scorpio and I am good at sex. so you need to get out there and find better sex partners. a sample of only 2 scorpios can't poison any chances of the same zodiac signs for guys in general. anyways your in the same age bracket 18-24 as I am so you will run into a lot of unexperienced sex partners and beginners that don't know how to give good sex. practice makes perfect though

  • im a Gemini... I think we are the best ones, cause we got split personalities. one minute we could be good and one minute we could be evil, and that is what all girls need since they get bored really easy. one minute we could be sweet and gentle, but if you reach boredom on that, we could switch to freaky, dominant and overpowering with no problems. so you get 2 men in one, no need to feel like a whore cause is 2 men in one pleasing you at your high service, lol

    • lol, I've kissed a gemini, omg he was fantastic. that's all the experience I had with one. :) just thought I'd share.

    • yea... I get that a lot too

  • this question is bullsh*t

    • and how the F*CK does this answer my question?

  • cancerion

  • well.. I beg to difer. I am a Scorpio...i would put you on cloud nine...lol

    • Lol, maybe I caught some bad scorpios >:)

  • well, I'm scorpio, and I can ensure you all girls I had sex, they loved it. my ex squirted and she had never done it before. my actual girlfriend is deffinitely addicted to sex LOL.

    shes pisces... and she's really good on bed

    my ex was taurus and she wasn't so good on bed

    • "my ex was taurus and she wasn't so good on bed"


    • My bad I didn't mean to write the sad face, but how was she bad?

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  • Well, I don't really have much of any experience with other people since I'm still a virgin, but speaking just for myself as an Aquarius I'm open to try pretty much anything. Just talking with my friends casually about stuff we'd be willing to do I can tell that I seem to be far and ahead much more interested in trying a large variety of things. And I've always heard that Aquarians are some of the best lovers. As far as others go...hm. I've pretty much always ended up with Libras. My impression says they would be pretty good lovers as well. I think they'd tend to think a little bit more about their own orgasm though. But hey, supposedly if both people focus on their own orgasm instead of on their partner's orgasm that creates better sex. *shrug*

    • The last sentence is true..good advice.

  • taurus or a capricorn...

  • I agree with what you said about Scorpios... THE WORST! I keep giving them the benefit of the doubt though.

    I'm a Sag. I prefer other Sags, Leos and Aquarians. Gemini's are good too cause they like adventure and they don't shy away from things. Cancers are too if you like that "missionary only" kind of thing. They usually put their emotions into it which is kinda nice every once in while.

    • Isnt it ironic that Scorio's would in our opinion be the worst, lol. they are supposed to be sexy and all this blah blah blah...

    • Yeah.. I always wondered, but Scorps are the worst lovers I've ever had. I've tried 3 of them.. Haha, Maybe it's just that Sag and Scorpio are very incompatible sexually. They may be great for others... Just not me.

    • Yeah, for me too. They have a bad temper, and they are not outgoing. I am a Libra so we are not compatible anyway.

  • I want to choice myself...LIBRA! But I have read a book on it and Scorpios and Cancer are the best. But from my experience Libras, Geminis and Sagittariuses are great.

    • What about a Taurus man?

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    • Umm, I know that they are usually very affectionate towards people and they like athletic sex (I hear that from some friends).

    • Oh well hello my Libra friend!

      The Sag is the one I'm with now and he is great! I'm comfortable with him and he is definitely the best sex match for me.

  • what you really need to know is a persons sun sign that is their personality. which is the time a person is born.

    • No, that's called the RISING sign, or ascendant.

  • Speaking in document, Virgos have an inclination for analytical perfection (for doing things right, no half-ass efforts). Plus, being an earth sign (a care-taker), Virgos can be very good in bed, both male and female.

    • Yes, agreed.

    • Is that so? I always thought I sucked lol. I never dared asked anyone anything out of fear of criticism. :/

    • Lol, the one I had I couldn't really feel anything, but he tried, and I think he was one of the best I've had.

  • I'm a Scorpio and I think I do a pretty good job

    • I hadn't been with a female scorpio, but as far as guys go..

  • so far the best I've had was an aquarius