Which zodiac sign do you think is better in bed?

I know this question is probably to each his own, but which one do you think is better or what are your experiences with one? I found that Scorpio... Show More

If you don't believe in astrology please do not comment. I asked which one in your opinion do you think is best, not that it's a bunch of b.s. Thank you.

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  • Libras usually do best with other air signs.

    That said, ref.


    who breaks signs down to weeks (not months) & has been dead on forecaster my whole life - even though it's also uncanny accurate parlor game fun.

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    • I've seen that book in stores. I have checked it out, but I haven't gone through the whole thing, but thanx.

    • You can go to just YOUR page, then look up the best suggestions - the remainder fo the book is for reference