Women, do you get embarrassed when you have abnormally large boobs, and have to wear a bathing suit?

Are you embarrassed by your enormous sized boobs? Do you think everyone is starring at your extra large boobs? Or you feel comfortable in public with them?


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  • Embarrassed? I don't think so! I have had large boobs all my life! As a teen, I tried to conceal them because guys always made fun of me! I'm very petite, so, it was kinda hard not to notice. Now that I'm 45 and 2 children later.I still got it going on! Although I will say, its difficult to find bathing suits, especially ones that really fit! They are way too costly too! The last 2 suits I bought, cost 125.00 a piece! I found that a place called.The fitting place. Makes all sizes.even 32DDD.so.i'm like a kid in a candy store!


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  • I have a friend whose boobs are huge ( as in hard to find a bra huge) and she hates being in a bathing suit. She says that her boobs attract attention and don't allow her to buy the bething suits she likes because she has to have more support than most women.

  • i have pretty big boobs so sometimes it is awkward to find a bathing suit that fits correctly, but I'm not embarrassed by them. to be honest, I'm thankful if people are looking at them instead of my chubby tummy or my pale legs, etc. lol

  • Embarrassed embarrassed embarrassed. I always wear a t-shirt over the top of my bathers.

  • I've heard from people who are large breasted that they just heard their back. I have a friend who is large breasted and she cries cos they hurt her back so much. I think it's more of a physical pain issue from what I've heard. Some people I know like the attention sadly. But me having small boobies I wouldn't know myself. I'm quite comfortable content being small in that area.

  • i love it. I have a great body and my boobs come with it. I don't have a problem with it. and honestly if girls didn't want people to see their boobs they'd either where a tshirt or get a diff. type of bathing suit and stop complaining about it.

    • So you don't care if a guy stares at your boobs?

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    • I did not mean it in a bad way, just asking. Honest answer!

    • Yeah honest answer

      i really don't care

  • Personally, I'm a 34DD and medium height and thin.

    which may not seem HUGE to some, but with my proportions I am very self conscious.

    I HATE bathing suits, I mean try buying a small bikini bottom, and a large top!

    and yes, I do notice people staring at the beach and such.

    but I've been slowly getting used to it, and feeling more comfortable.

    so in answer to your question, yes, occasionally I am embarassed.

    • Well, it is easier to conceal a mans bulge than try and cover your breasts without anyone noticing that they are huge! I think it is tougher for a woman than a guy. See, I would be embarrassed if woman saw my bulge, put I could cover it up and no one would know! You can't really do that with boobs! I wish though, I had a big bulge! lol

  • yea,but many time happened on the beach or while playing volleyball or smthg that my bra just fall off XD Well,it can be embarrasing.


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