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Girls what was your first experience giving a handjob like?

Please share what happened and what you were thinking.

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  • This is quite a long story acctually...it started about 2 weeks ago. We were freshman in High school, and we had 3 classes together. During those classes we would always sit next to each other and rub each others' legs under the table. we'd tease each other all through school, untill the last day of school when I went over to his house. We put on a movie and sat down on his big couch under a blanket. we went to our usual leg rubbing, and pretty soon I could tell he was getting hard. He was suprised I think, but I took the next step and unbuttoned his jeans with one hand. He looked over at me and we shared a passionate kiss just before, which made the entire thing more intimate. I started to rub all around his pakage above his underwear (I had absolutley no idea what I was doing) we were completley covered with the blanket when (Horrifyingly) his MOM walked downstairs. I quickly pulled my hand away and put my knees up to create a tent in the blanket to hide his bulge. She didn't seem to notice at all. When I put my hand back I was supprised to find that he had pulled his pants and boxers down to his midthigh. He looked over at me and actually (if I'm not mistaked, maybe I just imagined it) winked at me. So I went back ot what I was doing. He was a lot bigger than I thought he was going to, so I got my hand around him about 3/4 of the way up as best I could and started going at it. I didn't bring him to orgasm because we didn't have enough time before we went unstairs to eat the dinner his mom made. But after I left he texted me telling me that I did a great job, and that he finished himself right after I left. I think his words were 'best orgasm of my life.' All in all it was a good experience. It turned me on a lot and aperantly I was good at it. Since then I've had him over and we've done similar things. It's strenthened that bond between us and opened us up to some experimentation. ;)

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  • I surprised him. We were sitting in his basement making out and he was wearing basketball shorts, so I took the opportunity. My legs were across his and I started to feel his inner thigh. He started to moan so I kept going up his leg and reached him. It was nerve-wracking because I had no idea what he was thinking other than he must be enjoying it based on his response. After wards he was like it looks like you made a mess do you want to go wash up. It was really chill

  • My first handjob was with some guy i went to college with. We met each other in the first day and we couldn't stop talking to each other. We went into one of the music practice rooms. We made out and then he wanted me to feel his dick. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to try it. At first it was weird seeing his dick. I grabbed it and rubbed it really hard. He started to orgasm and then he rubbed me down there. We were at it for ten minutes until we climaxed. After that I felt unlighted and awkward.

  • Awkward and I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I didn't know if it was too slow, too fast, too much grip, not enough grip. I felt like I was taking a calculus test.

  • well, I just gave my first one to my boyfriend an hour ago! I don't know... it was awkward for me and I couldn't stop giggling.i just thought it was funny how he was moaning and sh*t and squirming and I couldn't help myself.. I kept telling him not to come on me or in my car... when we were done I got out of the car and immediatly went and wiped my hands on the snow. its tiring and grosses me out, but I guess I have to keep doing it since he always pleasures me?

    • i feel sorry for the poor guy. if I ever laughed at my guy during that his self esteem would go down the drain.

    • okay. well once again. it was my FIRST time and very akward. I wasn't laughing hystarically in his face but id giggle occasionaly. so calm down.

  • it was his/my first hj. it went pretty well but I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I kept thinking does he like it should I go slower/faster? it's very nerveracking because your trying to do your best but you've never done it before

  • Well, when I saw it, it was like WOAH HEY THAT'S A PENIS, but once that initial feeling was gone, everything just kind of came naturally. I asked him what he liked and he showed me for a few seconds with his hand over mine. We were just laughing and having fun with it, which makes a first time at ANYTHING sexual so much better than trying to make it "hot."

  • My first time I went under his boxers and didn't even see it my first time, but I did like it. When I saw his thang for the first time, I was just kinda weirded out because all of them look funny to me. But now a days I've gotten use to it. ;) I love giving hj and bj all the time now, and I love to feel him and touch him all over now. I like to make him get hard just by touching him and teasing him. We've had some pretty funny times when it came because it's gotten on my shirt, jeans, couch, pillow, and car. What a mess! Especially when you have to clean it all up so parents won't see it lol. Anyways, how do you like to be touched or what do you find hot? Because I wanna do something different with him. Sorry this was so long.

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