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How long does it take for ladies to get wet giving a BJ?

How long does it take for a girl to get completely wet from the moment of giving a blowjob being completely dry in the beginning? Is it immediately,... Show More

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  • It depends.(1) If the girl is really into the guy and really attuned to what's going on, listening for how pleased he is with what she's doing, she gets turned on when he does. (If he cares about how she's doing, maybe he offers to turn her on with a bit of fondling as well.) They're just...ON.(2) If the girl's nervous about this, chances are she's not as into it as she might be if she was confident that she could please her guy. She may not c*m. (Here, a bit of verbal encouragement, maybe rubbing her shoulders or telling her that what she's doing feels good -- or suggesting something she might try -- would be helpful.)(3) If the guy insists on being rough, again, the girl may not feel inclined to c*m. Try not to grab her head and get rough. I understand you're not thinking clearly because you're about to c*m, but don't break the gal's neck or make her puke. That's just no way to encourage an encore...How long does it take? Depending on the girl, seconds ... or years. (Yes, really.)

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  • Giving a blowjob isn't the way for a girl to get wet. Some girls get really turned on from it, but most don't. You'd be better off doing things for her if you're trying to turn her on.

  • I can't believe the answers below! I got very wet EVERY time I have given head that I can remember. I don't know how long it takes 'cause I don't set a stop watch to these things, but not very long.

  • None @ all.

    • If you are underage you shouldn't be using this site!

    • Who said I'm underage? I just don't get wet from giving blowjobs..

  • It really can never be immediately... it takes at least a little bit.IT depends how much you enjoy it and how much you are attracted to the person

  • it's a frame of mind for me, if I'm in the mood emotionally, then really quickly

  • Giving a blowjob probably wouldn't make many girls wet, because there's no direct sexual stimulation for her, the focus is all on the guy. If you want her to be wet, the quickest way is to go down on her.

  • If I feel the intensity of love and appreciation 7 minutes. If I didn't want to and I'm compromising not at all.

    • cool thx

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