Do all women masterbate? my girl says she never has

I love my girl more than anything,but this is a problem,only because I can't logically see how that is possible.she says not only has she never done it or anything close to it,she has never been horny to the point of being wet at work or school.ladies,help me out here,is this even possible?it makes me feel like she's hiding things from me.


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  • No not all women do, but it's rare that they don't. Some lie about it but that's also not that common, especially if you've been together that long..


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  • I can't fathom how some women don't but apparently some don't.

  • Yeah I used to be a woman who never done it or even considered it. I'm sure she's bound to have been wet at some point but just never realized :/...

  • Please stop asking this sh*t...

    Not all women mastrabate, so it's very normal. And if she doesn't mastrabate, that shouldn't be a damn problem for you. It doesn't really do much for many women. Course a lot of women lie about materbating, but it's not likey, since you've been together for 8 years.

    • Women masturbate as much as guys, just too embarrassed to talk about it

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  • Well man to be honest,even my girl says the same thing tht she hasn't ever yea it can be true...i guess the only way to get her into this stuff is by touching her (it can be anywhere and not necessarily downstairs to arouse her instantly) if you know wht I mean...

    • no,i gothcha.we have been together for 8 years we've done a fair number of risque things.

  • my girlfriend is the same she never did it, I was shocked I though all girls did. first time she was wet she was confused and when I finger her she loves it. I love the fact that she didn't do it because it becomes my job to do it and she loves it even more.

  • Some women don't. Yes, some women lie and say they don't when they really do. However, there are women who actually don't masturbate.

    Unless this is somehow directly affecting your relationship (which seems unlikely), what's the big deal if she doesn't masturbate?

    • no,i should have explained further.its not a big deal if she dosnt.what bothers me is that she might be lying about that.that creates trust problems for me.