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What is the white, thick creamy fluid that comes out of my GF's vagina during sex?

when my girlfriend and I are having sex, there is a creamy white thick fluid that comes out of her. It's not from her orgasming becuase it's right... Show More

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  • Sounds like discharge, it tends to change appearance and consistency depending on where a girl is on her cycle.If it's cottage cheese looking, home girl has a yeast infection.I know what you're talking about though because, well I have a girlfriend so yeah, anyways the taste depends on diet it seems like. Sometimes it's sweet and sometimes it's bitter.Might I suggest flavored lube if you don't like the taste?DON'T BUY ANYTHING CHERRY BECAUSE THAT SH*T tastes like cough syrup.Although, Dom may be onto something...

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  • Is it just her getting wet? Sorry I don't know the proper term for that liquid, but I think it's like male ejaculate in that it's a different colour/consistency/taste/smell/etc. for all girls... so maybe that's all?

  • its normal ! :L:L mirical whip LOL funny !

  • discharge. if it smells fishy then she might have an infection

What Guys Said 5

  • Ummm... she didn't happen to have sex right before, and you're getting sloppy seconds, right?

  • Love fluids lol

  • It's just the natural lubricant the vagina produces to facilitate sex. It's not bad for you. Some women produce a lot of it, some not so much. One girlfriend of mine was wet pretty much all the time - needless to say that was an extremely fun relationship.

  • Hey, thanks! I was wondering where I left that.

  • My ex has the same stuff. It is bitter, I personally couldn't stand the taste, she was gross. No clue why it was thick and white like my nut juice?

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