Should I feel her up when making out

I made out with girl last week and it was getting pretty intense, our hands were all over each other and stuff. But, I really wanted to feel her up in "a more sexual way" if you know what I mean, but I've always been a "nice guy" so I didn't want to push my luck too far. My question is, if we start making out again then how do I know if she would be cool with me feeling her up?


Most Helpful Girl

  • While you're making out, start sliding your hands very slowly to where you want them to end up. I promise she'll know where you are heading to, and if she objects she'll stop you. If she doesn't, continue on!

    If by some chance she does object to you copping a feel, then just apologize and smooth it over. Tell her you weren't sure where the lines were, and you won't cross them again until she sas it is o.k. (Or, I guess you could have this talk before you make-out again, huh? Maybe find out what's acceptable by asking her?)