Should I feel her up when making out

I made out with girl last week and it was getting pretty intense, our hands were all over each other and stuff. But, I really wanted to feel her up in "a more sexual way" if you know what I mean, but I've always been a "nice guy" so I didn't want to push my luck too far. My question is, if we start making out again then how do I know if she would be cool with me feeling her up?


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  • While you're making out, start sliding your hands very slowly to where you want them to end up. I promise she'll know where you are heading to, and if she objects she'll stop you. If she doesn't, continue on!

    If by some chance she does object to you copping a feel, then just apologize and smooth it over. Tell her you weren't sure where the lines were, and you won't cross them again until she sas it is o.k. (Or, I guess you could have this talk before you make-out again, huh? Maybe find out what's acceptable by asking her?)


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  • I think, if you're making out, and you've made out before, she's not going to think it's unreasonable for you to try and cop a feel, she might even be waiting for it. If I were her, I would expect you to give me a little while to get into the mood of making out, then put your hands on my back, under my shirt, and if I objected to you touching me I'd object there, and we wouldnt' get into any further trouble. (Personally I wouldn't object, feel on, but I'm not your girl.) Try you rluck, that's the only way to know! But if she starts squirming or getting uncomfortable, then stop. Don't wait for her to verbalise wanting you to stop if you can tell from her body language that she clearly does.

  • haha, um. start, slow. don't rush into it and get all excited and stuff. just, casually like, feel her up. I mean, I don't know. just, she'll probably be fine, I mean you guys ARE making out.


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  • What I did was first slide up and down her legs with my hands and then slowly touch her upper body outside on her shirt. went up near her breast, than slid back down and did the same but under her shirt. She didn't give me any signs to stop. When I started going for her pants, she said "it tickles". I didn't know how to interpret that because she could either be telling me the truth and didn't mind me continuing or she basically said "pushin' it"

    So try that, see if she says anything. After any warnings, just chill out :P

  • She'll try to take you're clothe off when she's ready .