Do girls like guys moaning?

I know a lot of men probably don't moan but when it does happen, does it turn girls on more? Do girls like when guys moan?

Should guys moan more often?

Now since I asked such a gay question, I'm going to go do something manly like hit myself in the head with a frying pan and knock on my chest with my fists and scream.


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  • Completely yes. As long as it's not over the top or screaming, it's very attractive. Usually breathing heavily and (some) forms of whimpering are really attractive, too.

    • Thank you, I wasn't wrong about what I was thinking. I let out some moans during sex and after were done I'd go to the kitchen to smoke a cigarette and then I'd think "what if she thinks somethings wrong with me cause I let out a few groans, meh."

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    • I wouldn't know how to phrase it so it wouldn't sound weird lol.

    • For one, if you two regularly talk dirty (some do), just say something like "You like it when I moan, don't you?" and you'll get your answer there. Another thing you could do is just, when you two are openly talking, tell her that it turns you on when she makes noises during sex (etc.) and ask if she likes it when guys do the same. Or randomly bring up a list of things that happen during sex (moaning, bondage, etc.) and ask her if each one turns her on, and you'll get your answer there.

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  • I think guys don't vocalize enough. Most of the guys I've been with a quiet during sex, although I'm not sure why it is guys seem to be more quiet than many girls. But moaning, groaning, even a sigh are ways for us to be able to tell you're enjoying yourself insteadd of having to guess when you're being quiet.

  • I love it when a guy is vocal about what he's feeling! It gives me more confidence and it directs me in the right direction :)

  • hm. my boyfriend moans too.

    i personally like it. it means he's enjoying himself.

  • Its so sexy! I mean I love when a guy moans especially because you are right most guys tend to be quiet. But when a guy moans its like he can't control the pleasure and it make a girl feel so great. Suchh a big turn on.

  • guys should moan. like a little grunt here and there and talking dirty a little bit. something subtle. and when coupled with the right action, it's really hot. also I think when a guy moans in a deep low voice in the girl's ear, the vibration from the deepness of the voice is CRAZY HOT.

  • I like it! Especially when it's in my ear right before he's about to cum.. very hot lol :o)

  • A man moaning is hot. A man screaming, not so hot. lol.

  • Yaaaaaasssss! Women love it, I love groaning, moaning and whimpering and that airy groaning talk men do like " oh baby you feel so good" it's a turn on and it just makes me more enthused to please the man. I think also when women hear men moan , their dominating trait comes and then she wants to take control and watch you unravel. I love it when he groans in my ear, or when I watch his face with signs of pleasure and he is moaning or when his forehead is on mine and our mouths are barely touching and I can feel the heavy breathing on my mouth. That sir is a yes! Do it more. I don't know why guys are afraid to moan, girls love men continue to do it or try. It will make your sex life better and her more enthused to have more sex I mean who wants to have sex with someone who isn't showing signs of being into it? Noone groan and moan more , garauntee you she will want to be on to a lot more. Just to hear you unravel, however no screaming! I've never heard a woman say she is turned on by her man screaming.

  • God, I love love love love love love love when my baby moans. He use to be mean and get me horny in the middle of school. Like in the halls he would kiss me and pick me up then would say something like "Baby, I wanna f*** you" then he would moan in my ear. ((I guess it turns him on knowing I want it)) lol it use to piss me off because I'd get all horny and I hated it because we were in the middle of the hallway and there was nothing I could do about it. lol He does it when were on the phone too. During sex he doesn't do it alot. He usually just moans during oral sex sometimes. lol only because I told him it turned me on. haha but hey, if it works do it right? lol

    Moaning defiantly turns me on, I know that for sure.

    I don' t know if I helped any, I'm just going on about moaning lol

    btw. So you don't think I'm like 15.

    I'm 17 and a junior. haha

    • I just had to add.

      These chicks are right.

      Breathing heavy is like the sexiest thing ever.

      and... You have really smexy eyes. =] lol sorry. I had to sayy it.

  • i would love it if my man was more vocal, sex is animalistic, we shouldnt stop ourselves from our natural way of expressing pleasure.

  • I think its hot! Most guys won't do it .or it takes a lot but, when I hear them make any kind of noise it just makes me want to do whatever I'm doin.better :)

  • if you're into it and you want to express it, do it. Girls like to know they're doing the right things and that you're into it just as much as guys do. no screaming though- maybe weird.

  • I find very sexy when my boyfriend is moaning and is heavily breathing . It makes me feel that I know what I'm doing and it kinda gives me pride that I'm in control .

  • Yeahhh I think its is so sexy when my guy lets out a little moan and heavy breathing right as he's bout to come it gets me so horny... its like he's telling me that he's completely lost in bliss and that he could not want me more then at that point

  • Oh god yes! Not the crazy stuff, y'know? But just hard breathing or some groans as you come. How else are we supposed to know we're doing it right? I get off just thinking about my dudes face as he comes. Nothing over the top though, it gets creepy.

  • I love it when my boyfriend moans. Of course he is doing it out of pleasure, but it also reassures me that I am doing something right. It makes me feel wonderful and I'll be more.adventurous to do more things for him. It's a pretty big turn on for me.

    And like other women, for me, a man screaming, not attractive lol.

  • I LOVE when guys make noise. As long as it isn't crazy, like screaming or huge outbursts of moaning. But it REALLY turns me on when they breath heavy and moan a bit. I think it's scary when guys don't make ANY noise... I also LOVE LOVE LOVE when they talk dirty to me, but not like bondage type. I like when their like "come on." or tell me what their feeling. Or call me sexy. I just hate when guys call me bitch or whore.

  • I like it when guys moan but like not to much don't over exsagerate how you are feeling just little moans here and there.

  • hell yea...if the guy doesn't it makes me feel bad like I'm not pleasuring him...i like it when they say stuff like "oh sh*t"... or "damn baby" or heavy breathing is cool to lol

  • Heavy breathing, moaning, grunting, etc. (whatever comes naturally) TOTALLY turns me on. Often it downright drives me wild. I'm not fond of talking or any ridiculous loud outbursts though. But it's just nice to hear that he is really enjoying it enough to let himself go like that. The experience is infinitely more pleasurable for me if I know it is for him. I actually wish my man would make a little MORE noise.

  • Yes it's a total turn on for me. I felt kinda strange at first saying that I liked when a guy moaned but honestly.. it's sexy to hear a guy enjoying what he's doing. Moaning with some dirty talking and it's got me.

  • Moaning is so sexy, such a damn turn in. It makes me want to fuck the guys brains out.

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT, hugeeeeee turn off! It actually makes me uncomfortable. I don't mind a sigh, but a moan is definitely a no!

  • if I hear a guy moan, it (to me) tells me that he's enjoying it. or breathe hard, or talk really dirty, or talk about how good it feels. it turns me on more

  • i think it can be kind of hot


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  • i agree with what melissa wrote. moaning lets your partner know what you like. if your a girl or guy.

    but ya its awkward for some reason to moan and as a guy it is especially if the girl isnt. but if the girl is then I do sometimes and any girl that has heard says its hot.

    i think its hot when girls moan. so I guess girls think its hot when guys moan. well from my experience girls like it.

    every girl has their preference though so ya I don't know what moaning would be hot and what wouldn't be.

    oh and not a gay question. or am I gay for answering? ahah oh well. ya its awkward to moan at first but just let it happen I guess and your girl with probly comment on it afterward. or maybe during!

  • I like to talk a bit during sex. But don't moan if it isn't naturally coming out that way.

    Talking dirty is awesome though. Tell her she's sexy during sex. Tell her you love her body. I like to talk dirty out of sex too. I'll text my girlfriend while she's at work and tell her that when she gets home I'm going to rip her clothes off. She says it keeps her hot all day.