When girls say they want big penises how much of it can they actually fit?

I would appreciate it if you did not cherry pick and the way I wrote this and just answer the question thanks Girls say they like penises that are 7,8,9 etc. Why is it they want this length. I mean I don't think its anatomically possible for a women to take the whole 8 inches right? that is like... Show More

  • Vote A My maximum is 5 inches or less (state)
  • Vote B My maximum is 6 inches
  • Vote C My maximum is 7 inches
  • Vote D My maximum is 8 inches plus (state)
  • Vote E I am a guy
What is your maximum and can you state how big you actually want the penis and why
This question is targeted at WOMEN not men

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  • most are about 5-6 inches deep aroused,but they strech a little more...dont go too deep or you will hit the cervix and that is painfullllll...

    • So how big of a penis do you prefer since your only 5-6 inches deep? I just wanna see if the girls want a bigger penis or smaller than they can take

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    • yeah how the f*** can you go around it... the cervix is the end

    • LMAO! ohh yeahh just go around it! lmao DID YOU PAY ATTENTION IN SEX ED? obviously not. holy!