When girls say they want big penises how much of it can they actually fit?

I would appreciate it if you did not cherry pick and the way I wrote this and just answer the question thanks

Girls say they like penises that are 7,8,9 etc. Why is it they want this length. I mean I don't think its anatomically possible for a women to take the whole 8 inches right? that is like up to the freaking belly button! Is it just for the look of it or can they actually take the whole thing?

Before you say, yes I am very aware that the vagina elongates during arousal but its not a black hole that goes on forever, there is a limit. What is the largest possible amount you can ACTUALLY take?

  • Vote A My maximum is 5 inches or less (state)
  • Vote B My maximum is 6 inches
  • Vote C My maximum is 7 inches
  • Vote D My maximum is 8 inches plus (state)
  • Vote E I am a guy
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
What is your maximum and can you state how big you actually want the penis and why
This question is targeted at WOMEN not men

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  • most are about 5-6 inches deep aroused,but they strech a little more...dont go too deep or you will hit the cervix and that is painfullllll...

    • So how big of a penis do you prefer since your only 5-6 inches deep? I just wanna see if the girls want a bigger penis or smaller than they can take

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    • yeah how the f*** can you go around it... the cervix is the end

    • LMAO! ohh yeahh just go around it! lmao DID YOU PAY ATTENTION IN SEX ED? obviously not. holy!