When girls say they want big penises how much of it can they actually fit?

I would appreciate it if you did not cherry pick and the way I wrote this and just answer the question thanks

Girls say they like penises that are 7,8,9 etc. Why is it they want this length. I mean I don't think its anatomically possible for a women to take the whole 8 inches right? that is like up to the freaking belly button! Is it just for the look of it or can they actually take the whole thing?

Before you say, yes I am very aware that the vagina elongates during arousal but its not a black hole that goes on forever, there is a limit. What is the largest possible amount you can ACTUALLY take?

  • My maximum is 5 inches or less (state)
    16% (14)1% (3)6% (17)Vote
  • My maximum is 6 inches
    24% (21)5% (10)10% (31)Vote
  • My maximum is 7 inches
    28% (25)7% (15)13% (40)Vote
  • My maximum is 8 inches plus (state)
    26% (23)4% (9)10% (32)Vote
  • I am a guy
    6% (6)83% (181)61% (187)Vote
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
What is your maximum and can you state how big you actually want the penis and why
This question is targeted at WOMEN not men


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  • most are about 5-6 inches deep aroused,but they strech a little more...dont go too deep or you will hit the cervix and that is painfullllll...

    • So how big of a penis do you prefer since your only 5-6 inches deep? I just wanna see if the girls want a bigger penis or smaller than they can take

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    • LMAO! ohh yeahh just go around it! lmao DID YOU PAY ATTENTION IN SEX ED? obviously not. holy!

    • @zomfglolz actually I'm pretty experienced and I am quite large and I have never out of 8 girls bashed or bumped a cervix to cause pain. I have bottomed out but not caused pain even in doggy, therefore I do believe that the cervix does retract if you are super aroused and therefore there is a few inches past it. if guys with 6 inch dicks are bumping cervix... I'm sorry but it's because your girl is no where near aroused.

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  • I don't know what "Girls" your talking to, but I like penises that are 6in with a nice wide girth.

    Cuz Girth > Length.

    I think women's vagina's probably range in size in the same was as men's penises. I can't take anything that's 8 and above.

    • what is a wide girth?

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    • 8 inch cercumfrence is impossible and even a 6 inch circumfrance is only about 0.1% of the male population so 8 is just unheard off

    • cheese wheel ftw

  • My anatomy and physiology teacher told us that the average vagina can only fit a bout 4 inches.

  • I was with a guy that was about 7.5 inches and he could go all the way in. It hurt a tiny bit somtimes but generally I liked the little bit of pain. It differs for each person Ii'm sure. .

  • Well, I think I've been with a guy who was around 7 inches and I think that he could fit all the way inside me, at least on the way in.. but I've been with a guy who was 8 inches and I know for a fact that I couldn't get him all the way inside me so yeah, I said 7 and that's what I'm basing it on :o)

  • At some point there's a baby going out of there, so it certainley can take a lot. And I'm pretty sure after a while every girl could take about 8 inches or even 9 idk.

    For me right now, I'd say everything way over 6 would hurt at first. 6 or slightly bigger sounds perfect but grith matters more.

    • I don't see how that is an argument. The body goes through a heavy transformation for that to happen, the pain is unbearable and the body produces chemicals to soothe it. Not exactly an easy experience to go through.

      What is a good girth?

  • only sluts want big cocks normal girls don't care ! :L:L

    • wrong.

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    • well it wudnt fit in my deeper vaginal cavity if it was 1" LMFAO :L:L:L:L

    • whats wrong with girls that like big cocks, are guys slut because they are attracted to big butts or breasts, or a certin color hair or any preferance for that matter?

  • ive took like 11 inches befor my ex had one of them cocks you just crave hard sex

  • I put 'C', but I don't think I've been with anybody close to that size...as long as it's not small, I've fine with it ;) I'm facinated by the fact guys have this extra appendage...and love to stick it in me l...lol

  • for me I've had 4 for the shortest and like 9 or 10 for the longest

    what I have noticed is the there is only so much the guy can put in for most positions until there is something preventing (butt, thigh, tummy, hips) him from going deeper so like

    my 4 guy was felt very good ofter for me especially on my back because it ALWAYs touch my sweet spot near the entrance where as

    my 6&7s got more of my g spot but that depended on skill and knowledge and

    my biggest guy just filled me completely and it is a different feeling but it kinda just feels like a 6/7 guy unless he shoves it ALL the way in where at that point it hurt

  • look, I girl can have a mindblowing orgasm using just a finger so if your a big boy, be proud and horny.

  • haha why are there so many guys answering your poll.

  • well it's kinda for the look but also pleasure . I can't take a whole 9 inches , and it'll hurt in some positions but a 7 or 8 inch is a good size for me . better to have more ,& not take it all than to have less and want more .

  • B for p**** and A for anal

  • I like it when he hits my cervix. That seems like it happens at about seven inches. I can take just a little more than that I think.

  • Honestly chicks can actually only feel about 6-7 inches of it any way. So I don't think those girls who say they like bigger know entirely what they are talking about. or they're just sluts and sleep around so they're loose.

    • lol

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    • u must feel good!

    • lmao uhmm thanks?

  • big penises scare me... :P

    • how big do you like and how much do you think you can take?

    • 6 max.

    • wow your p**** small and tight

  • I like 'em smaller because we can do every position without it being uncomfortable. Big is nice to look at, but can really limit the fun!

    • So you literally couldn't do girl on top or even missionary with a 7.5 one?

    • You can, but hard/deep thrusting is very difficult and often leads to a painful moment or two. Girl on top (sitting straight up), doggy and standing from behind are like walking through a minefield with someone that big (I've been with one). Knees over shoulder missionary, which I love, is off the table.

    • And by painful, I mean having to stop and take a break for a bit on occasion. My cervix doesn't play well with others...

  • hmmm...gals are foolish who says that they want long penis...thr is nothing to do with lenght.

    the thing which trills them is gurth of penis that is width of penis ...when it rubb against the clitoris with to-&-fro movement that is the most enjoyable part of sex for them...on the other hand long penis would always hurt them when it poke their inner cervix.

    its the friction b/t penis & walls of her pusssy which makes sex enjoyable ...& its is only possible when your penis is hard and good in gurth...not the length.

  • My guy is average sized, and if he thrusts all the way in it REALLY hurts... as in I shriek and pull away. And that's when I'm turned on to my fullest. It's hard for me to give an exact measurement, but I guess I'd say I bottom out at 4.5 or 5, without it hurting.

    • wow

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    • I am not so sure, I just think you have a really small tight vagina. I would not say there are not many with really long ones though. I think it is better to have a vagina that fits best for both partners sake though

    • Well, I'm not positive, but I did read that in several places. Obviously there is SOME variation though. But yes, I think mine is particularly small (not NECESSARILY tight, as the pain has more to do with depth, but I'd say I'm pretty tight too) or maybe just particularly sensitive.

  • um yeah I don't know about that but the guy I'm sleeping with now is 9 and I can fit him all the way in and it feels really good.

    i think every girl is different, I have friends who love big ones too

    • oh even if your really do have such a big vagina, I highly doubt that's the size, pretty much every girl on here has a boyfreind that is 9 inches long. Either someone is lying or someone can't estimate

    • no he's actually 9. I know. lol

    • She is right on target. I also have had a 9 incher in me several times and YES it does fit, and it feels wonderful, but I have to say that it does not get near as hard as a smaller one does which probably means some of that 9 inches is compressing so not a true 9" inside of us. Its the girth that counds anyway, stretching the vagina walls and stimulating those nerve endings and that special spot

  • I don't like when the penis is over 7 inches because if he goes too deep it does hurt a bit and I couldn't fully take the 7 inches either. Thickness is more important to me. But I'm just happy with the 4 and a half I have now I tell you size is really not a big deal its all in how you work it. Now I haven't been with that many people but I did have a guy that was like 9 and it was the worst time ever it hurt so bad and the 7 was alright but the guy now is the smallest and omg the best it the first time I fully enjoyed sex

    • how many inches of the 7 can actually fully go inside you? what's an ideal thickness and biggest you can take?

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    • my four inch guys was one of the best times too =]

      i think the vag is like a ballon it will conform to the inside pressures and stretch if necessary the bigger the guy the longer the warm up

    • true justthat1chick but we can't conform to a guy that has a two inch there ain't no way we are getting off with that guy lol

  • 8 inches is great with a nice girth! it may be a little painful if the guy goes deep but I still like it big. big with some pain is better than little with no feeling

    • How much off the 8inches can you actually take though? also what is a good girth

    • idk I never really set there and measeurd how much I took in. and 6 inch girth or around there

  • my boyfriend is 8 .. I can fit him .. first guy I've been with and he's pretty think too .. he has like the perfect penis, I can suck it all day long

    • thick* not think

    • dam lucky guy to have a girl say that about his d***. congratulate him for me.

  • I can take a little over 6 inches, but the girth matters a lot, too. Plus, sometimes girls say they want big penises just because large ones are kind of hot, haha. It's a matter of personal preference, though.

    • What is a preferable girth?

    • I have no idea :P Average (whatever that may be, 5" around?) is probably good for most girls.

  • My vagina is about 5 inches deep (unaroused), but I'm not sure how much it expands when I am aroused. My current boyfriend is 6.5" and he can penetrate me fully. I don't know what the "maximum" is. The largest guy I've been with was 7", but that was about 10 years ago and we only had sex twice, so I don't remember if he went all the way in.


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  • Its about 5 inches I think but can stretch itself out to accomodate the more well-endowed individuals

    • ive gotten mine all the way in and I'm for sure longer than 5 inches

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    • yeah the position changes the shape of her vag and alters how much she can take

    • from my experience, doing it doggy makes the vagina tighter and deeper.

  • i got 8 inches with a 6 inch circumfrance and you just have to know how to angle the pelvis so you don't hit the cervix

  • "I would appreciate it if you did not cherry pick and the way I wrote this"...that sentence doesn't make sense with the 'and' in there. You also misspelled 'just' right after that sentence.

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    • Way to answer the question.

    • @Hartmut-- What, the same type of question that has been asked plenty before?

  • i figure the guys that have close relations with horses, don't have the hip slamming action that the average, small penised guys can offer, and girls love

  • Most gilrs, to my knowledge, can only fit 5-6 inches. If they fit anymore they're likely doing damage to their body cause well, after all, their vagina isn't THAT deep/wide. If they are fitting more they have some massive vaginas lol.

    • the vagina stretches to 8 inches when fully aroused

    • Last I knew it stretches to from like 3-4 inches to about 5-6 on average when aroused. Any more and you're going to hit other areas. Then again, I haven't had biology in a long time and sex education was even longer ago.

  • Most sweet spots for orgasm are merely an inch or so in... the middle digit can reach these and the cervix with ease. Going slow and paying attention to responses is key. As responses happen, take a shitload of notes and slow way down (i. e. Pay Attention to Micro Movements) !!!

    A long, fat dick being balls deep and with jackhammer action is best for use if you're trying to breed a horse or cow or sheep... Baaaaack-off dude or jerk off!!!
    ... She's a woman, not a barn animal (unless, of course, she's a horse... or wants to be fucked like one!)

  • Most women haven't had sex with a guy that is actually over 8 inches. Women are comically bad at guessing the length of something. And no, most can't take the entire thing.

    But here's the thing, they don't need to take the entire thing to get off. If you're thick, you can make almost any woman come from vaginal penetration. The reaction goes from wincing in pain, to moaning and then to pure ecstasy. Most women never experience a real orgasm, which is probably good for average sized guys. Because most of them really can't "go back".

  • A woman can take all 8 inches if she's aroused and has a deeper than avg vag. After they have kids they got more room too. I know when I bottom out because you can feel the back wall and it just won't go in any further. If you hit it hard she usually will say something because it doesn't feel good. Doggy usually gets it in the best since it elongates the vag. I'm sure my girl is not an anomaly and there are girls that can take 10+ inches...It just depends. What sucks is not being able to get it all in though since its harder to get the ball slap and pounding on her lips/clit. This is where having the PERFECT size for HER comes into play. Gotta find your perfect match in order to have the greatest sex.

    • Mate it's true okay I'm a bit smaller 7.5, but my girl has had a guy who was a solid inch bigger and she could take him all but it was a little sore. With me I'm like her optimum. I bottom out but no pain is caused so yeah I think if most girls are truly aroused... 7-8 they can manage with some smaller and some larger