When girls say they want big penises how much of it can they actually fit?

I would appreciate it if you did not cherry pick and the way I wrote this and just answer the question thanks

Girls say they like penises that are 7,8,9 etc. Why is it they want this length. I mean I don't think its anatomically possible for a women to take the whole 8 inches right? that is like up to the freaking belly button! Is it just for the look of it or can they actually take the whole thing?

Before you say, yes I am very aware that the vagina elongates during arousal but its not a black hole that goes on forever, there is a limit. What is the largest possible amount you can ACTUALLY take?

  • My maximum is 5 inches or less (state)
    16% (14)1% (3)6% (17)Vote
  • My maximum is 6 inches
    24% (21)5% (10)10% (31)Vote
  • My maximum is 7 inches
    28% (25)7% (15)13% (40)Vote
  • My maximum is 8 inches plus (state)
    26% (23)4% (9)10% (32)Vote
  • I am a guy
    6% (6)83% (181)61% (187)Vote
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
What is your maximum and can you state how big you actually want the penis and why
This question is targeted at WOMEN not men


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  • most are about 5-6 inches deep aroused,but they strech a little more...dont go too deep or you will hit the cervix and that is painfullllll...

    • So how big of a penis do you prefer since your only 5-6 inches deep? I just wanna see if the girls want a bigger penis or smaller than they can take

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    • LMAO! ohh yeahh just go around it! lmao DID YOU PAY ATTENTION IN SEX ED? obviously not. holy!

    • @zomfglolz actually I'm pretty experienced and I am quite large and I have never out of 8 girls bashed or bumped a cervix to cause pain. I have bottomed out but not caused pain even in doggy, therefore I do believe that the cervix does retract if you are super aroused and therefore there is a few inches past it. if guys with 6 inch dicks are bumping cervix... I'm sorry but it's because your girl is no where near aroused.

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What Girls Said 26

  • I don't know what "Girls" your talking to, but I like penises that are 6in with a nice wide girth.

    Cuz Girth > Length.

    I think women's vagina's probably range in size in the same was as men's penises. I can't take anything that's 8 and above.

    • what is a wide girth?

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    • 8 inch cercumfrence is impossible and even a 6 inch circumfrance is only about 0.1% of the male population so 8 is just unheard off

    • cheese wheel ftw

  • My anatomy and physiology teacher told us that the average vagina can only fit a bout 4 inches.

  • I was with a guy that was about 7.5 inches and he could go all the way in. It hurt a tiny bit somtimes but generally I liked the little bit of pain. It differs for each person Ii'm sure. .

  • Well, I think I've been with a guy who was around 7 inches and I think that he could fit all the way inside me, at least on the way in.. but I've been with a guy who was 8 inches and I know for a fact that I couldn't get him all the way inside me so yeah, I said 7 and that's what I'm basing it on :o)

  • At some point there's a baby going out of there, so it certainley can take a lot. And I'm pretty sure after a while every girl could take about 8 inches or even 9 idk.

    For me right now, I'd say everything way over 6 would hurt at first. 6 or slightly bigger sounds perfect but grith matters more.

    • I don't see how that is an argument. The body goes through a heavy transformation for that to happen, the pain is unbearable and the body produces chemicals to soothe it. Not exactly an easy experience to go through.

      What is a good girth?

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  • Its about 5 inches I think but can stretch itself out to accomodate the more well-endowed individuals

    • ive gotten mine all the way in and I'm for sure longer than 5 inches

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    • yeah the position changes the shape of her vag and alters how much she can take

    • from my experience, doing it doggy makes the vagina tighter and deeper.

  • i got 8 inches with a 6 inch circumfrance and you just have to know how to angle the pelvis so you don't hit the cervix

  • "I would appreciate it if you did not cherry pick and the way I wrote this"...that sentence doesn't make sense with the 'and' in there. You also misspelled 'just' right after that sentence.

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    • Way to answer the question.

    • @Hartmut-- What, the same type of question that has been asked plenty before?

  • i figure the guys that have close relations with horses, don't have the hip slamming action that the average, small penised guys can offer, and girls love

  • Most gilrs, to my knowledge, can only fit 5-6 inches. If they fit anymore they're likely doing damage to their body cause well, after all, their vagina isn't THAT deep/wide. If they are fitting more they have some massive vaginas lol.

    • the vagina stretches to 8 inches when fully aroused

    • Last I knew it stretches to from like 3-4 inches to about 5-6 on average when aroused. Any more and you're going to hit other areas. Then again, I haven't had biology in a long time and sex education was even longer ago.

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