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Why do guys like hairless girls? Like, 50 years ago it didn't matter?

I remembered my teacher telling me like 50+ years ago no one shaved, and the guys and girls did not mind. Why do they mind now?

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  • It's all because of the media. The media is to blame. It's definately because of the razor commercials, telling you to shave. And because guys see girls that shave their legs all the time, and they like seeing bare skin.

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  • its due to feminism that caused the for society as a whole to view women as sex objects, before feminism women had more respect in the world

  • Heck, 30 years ago it didn't matter, and it still doesn't matter to me. I think it's odd-lookin and maybe a bit creepy. Certainly not attractive in any way. Oh well, the older I get, the younger everyone else is.

  • Technology makes it very easy for girls to shave now. Also: It was preferred that a girl, in history, was on the meatier side and now it's preferred that she be slim (as the media portrays). It's dependant on the times and the collaborative public opinion.


  • What's attractive and what isn't changes with time. Couple of centuries ago fatter women were seen as attractive because it showed they were well fed, had money, showed her status.

    In Tudor England (1600's) people used to deliberately rot thier teeth because they knew caused it and sugar was expensive, showed status.

    In the 17-1800's men wore wigs and had longer hair

    It's all to do with time and environment. Society unfortunately deems what is and isn't attractive. It's almost like having a fashionable appearance/body

    • also tanning,

      it was seen as a negative thing because it meant that

      one worked outside/in the fields, pale skin was seen as attractive.

      now, tanning is attractive, seen as one has leisure time, money, etc..

    • *knew sugar caused it and sugar was expensive

      People with tans have money?!?! Sunbeds are dirt cheap lol, you don't need a holiday in Greece for the perfect tan you know :)

    • So then this too shall pass? Probably not in our lifetimes.

  • Trends change as time goes on, just like fashion, and shaved legs also apply.

  • I prefer women who are natural down there.

  • There are two reasons that I can think of. Men are turned on visually, they like what they can see and the other reason is probably because more men now like to give their partner oral sex, its bettter without all the hair in their face.

  • Well, in the earl 1900's it was deemed offensive for a woman to show her legs. Well, pretty much any flesh really. Times have changed, and now it's acceptable to go out bare legged.

    Now then, for the science part.

    Men are programmed biologically to go for youth. And if you look at the fashion industry for women, it's geared to make women look younger.

    The make up you wear, it's to make your eyes look bigger than they are. Big eyes are a sign of youth. Lipstick, to make your lips look fuller. again another indicator of youth. Clear skin. well, you're getting the idea about foundation, concealer, and most of all "photoshop". :)

    With regards to hairless legs, well, isn't that also a sign of youth. Likewise with armpit hair.

    As for Brazillians. Well, I think that is pushing the jailbait look a little too far. But in essence, that is what the fashion industry is pushing women towards.

  • girls are beutiful. smooth, sexy, soft. the contour of a womens body, the small of your back, the little spot just barely below your belt line, its all sexy. men love to see that. long smooth sexy legs. there's a lot of places on a womens body that turn us on. being all hairy instead of smooth is definitely not sexy. soft skin for us to touch and kiss. :) if we wanted hairy we would be gay. yuck. a girl that smells good is sexy too.

  • one day a girl shaved and a man licked her he found out how smooth it was so he told every one and now evry ones doing it

  • Because it shows you have more androgens (DHT a derivative of testosterone causes sexual hair growth). Having a low oestrogen to testosterone level will mean you are less fertile.

  • A bald p**** tells me that a girl has fallen into peer pressure and media pressure. All natural means you could care less about all that. I would go down on hair 110% of the time

  • I actually want at least SOME hair. I don't think bald p*ssys are that attractive. Styled/trimmed is really hot but I would still accept a bush 10/10 times

    • Like a landing strip or a triangle? What looks better. I like a neat triangle because a landing strip looks too weird.

    • Either for sure. But I would pick a triangle if I had to choose so your vag must be pretty :)

  • I don't mind hair. I think it looks beautiful.

  • I don't know, I have a thing for hair. Everywhere. Natural-like.

  • The cat is out of the bag per se. Kind of like why do girls want to squirt or have multiple vaginal orgasms now or why do they want to try a big **** now. Because it looks, tastes, feels better! Thank god we're evolving our sexuality.

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  • bombarding images every that convey shaved legs or arms are the essences of beauty and that is why to some extent there is an expectation guys and girls are shaved, and of course people have different preferences.

  • sociatal standards change its just the way things work...50 years ago a lot of things were different

  • If you don't mind me asking, why was your teacher telling you that in the first place? Was it a Sex and Sexuality class?

  • i don't know I think its a new trend that will go away after a while or maybe its because guys don't like getting hair in their mouth when they go down there...

  • bc its what we're used to now. they also dressed differntly and spoke differently. had different ways that we would find odd.

  • people's ideas of beautfy changes often. who knows why

  • I don't shave my legs...Unless it's summer and I'm gonna go swimming, I don't really see a point and even then I usually don't, I shave so rarely that you can't even tell anyway.

  • The more feminine it looks the more they like it!

    so smooth soft ones are hot cause they are feminine !

  • the media conditions people to like what they like

    i was talking to my dad. he is in his early 50s and grew up in the 70s. he told me that back then boys thought it was sexy for girls to have VPL (visible panty lines), now that will get you made fun of because girls wear thongs now. they also had no problem with hairy arms and legs, now we are expected to be hairless. they didn't mind thick eyebrows either, now our eyebrows are expected to be shaped and thin

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