Got any sexual questions to ask guys?

I'm talking to this guy and I want to make the convo interesting so I need some really really good sexual/ awkward questions to ask him. anyone got any?


Most Helpful Guy

  • here are some that I do just with the roles reversed since you are a chick talking to a dude

    "so what's the crazyest thing you've ever done---

    I mean like with a woman"

    start a convo about kisses and kissing. get him to relate that to you, then when he does come out with "well that sounds exciting-then what"

    talk about a pice of fruit you ate that day, after a few minutes start describing the shape, if it was hard or soft, what it felt like when it went in your mouth-I'm sure you get the idea.

    bring up a convo of a vacation you went on once. and then talk about how when at this one part of it you noticed a bed or a place to hide or go under the boardwalk or something and then be like "I wonder what we could of done under there"

    I could go on for hours