Why won't my boyfriend kiss me in public!?

My boyfriend only holds my hand if I hold his first...he very rarely even initiates a kiss and if he does it's a peck. if we make out I ALWAYS have to be the one to make the move. especially in public. he will be very shy and timid and TRY to hug me then stop..then get closer to me and stop...then I grab him and hug him. the other day we were at a bar together and I grabbed his face and was going to kiss him but he blushed and turned away giggling. I don't get it! tomorrow is our one year anniversary, he is 25 and I'm 26. I'm not ugly at all, I have a pretty face and pretty blond hair, SURE I'm not the skinniest girl in the world but I'm not overweight either. I'd like to think I'm good looking but him acting this way has made me start thinking maybe I'm not good looking at all.

in the bedroom he gets turned on very easily by me and I mean very easily so there's no problem there it's mostly in public. he SUCKS at PDA. and thing is, he used to be all cuddly with one of his exes in public, and I was told he even had sex in front of some people at a party with another ex before! now the latter of the two is a liiiittle too far for me but I'd at least like him to hug me more and kiss me in public and not be so weird about it! I have told him I'm sad he isn't more publicly affectionate with me and still..he's shy. why would a guy be this way? why would a guy go from having SEX on the couch with his ex with people around at a party, to not even wanting to kiss me with people around? what should I do? I really thought I wasn't that bad looking at all...maybe I'm wrong?

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  • This reminds me of an episode of That 70's Show. Red Foreman's wife, Kitty Foreman is upset because she remembered that (when they were younger and before they dated) that Red passionately kissed and groped his old girlfriend in a theater but Kitty never got any of that.

    He explains that he loved and respected Kitty far too much. His old girlfriend was just a "booty call" kind of girl but the thing he had with Kitty was special.

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      lol I saw that one. I think they went to the movies that night ;)

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      lol that episode was really funny