What does it mean if her p***y smells like fish?

I went below on my g.f. and it smelled like fish. What does that mean? Girls help me.


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  • Each girl has her own odor, which get more prominent as she is aroused. However, if is a pungent 'fish' smell there are six possible reasons for this:

    1) poor hygiene..she doesn't wash herself very well down there.

    2)STD...some do that.

    3)bacteria overgrowth (ones that should be there)-usually during or after sex.

    4)some disease (like PID, cancer)

    5)forgotten tampon

    6)Yeast Infection----Most Likely after #3

    The most normal one is #3, then #6. BE CAREFUL in telling her about this, though. Women are very sensitive to anything about this, especially if it is coming from the guy she is trying to be intimate with.

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      We hadn't had sex for a while so it could mean she's cheating on me if its number 3...she was never committed :( damn

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      it is common and absolutely does NOT indicate she's cheating on you--its a matter of pH balance. It has a lot to do with hormones and bacterial growth. It happens to me and I never cheated. It comes and goes.

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      #5 is ewwww like how can you forget something lodged inside your body!? omg