Does losing your virginity hurt?

i am waiting till I get married before I have sex, but all my friends say its going to hurt more since I waited so long.


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  • The pain varies from woman to woman. So I can't give you an exact answer about that but I can tell you that it won't hurt more just because you waited longer. It will hurt the same as if you lost ut earlier. The pain of losing your virginity doesn't increase as you get older. That's ridiculous.

    • i am agree with butterfly_kisses09 its depends women to women and depends with man also he start and finish ... and size also does matter :D

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  • Thats retarded, they probably said that because they don't want you to wait. Waiting to have sex will NOT cause it to hurt more, it will not make the slightest dfference but congrats

  • Never go with your friends statement, good to wait untill marriage. It will help you to gain the love of you husband. Thankyou

  • well sometimes it does for various woman like butterfly kisses69 says.However I applaud you for waiting you are doing the right thing.Keep it up.However there are times where you will have the urges,but masturbating can fill tha void instead of rushing out an having sex without being ready.Im a virgin myself glad to know there are girls out there who are walking the same path as I am

  • Waiting until marriage seems so pointless.

    Why do you need a paper to justify your love?

    • Well I understand where your opinion is coming from but I feel like if you really love someone you shouldn't have a problem with getting married

    • Financial issues. It costs a hell of a money.

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  • I'm right there with you! I'm a virgin and I am damn proud. I heard it hurts quite a bit you're first time.

  • The pain you might feel when you have sex for the first time is from the hymen being stretched, and sometimes it gets stretched too far and it breaks and you bleed.

    Just because you wait to have sex doesn't mean it is going to hurt more. Your hymen isn't going to get tighter because you wait, rather the opposite.

  • most probably

  • Don't listen to your friends. I give you great props for waiting for somebody you care about. Even if you don't wait until marriage, I hope you wait until you are in a committed relationship and you feel ready. When you are you will probably just know. A piece of advice, that isn't when you are a teenager. As a teenager you are really too young to have sex in my opinion. Take it from someone who lost her virginity against her will at 20 years old to a guy who meant nothing but had intended to save it for a serious relationship. I thought I was too young at 20 and I'm mature and realistic, I don't believe in the whole "fairy tale we're in love" thing and I still wanted to wait. So should you. Most of your friends who are sexually active will regret it later on. Your virginity is something special for someone you care about.

    Yes it hurts. Mine was forced and he was also very aggressive. I bled for hours. Not as heavy as a period it was more like bright red spots kind of the way you would bleed if you got a cut from shaving, except it was down there. It also hurt me for days. The first day it was so sore and then the pain gradually decreased, at one point I could only feel it in the bathroom. After 4 days I felt normal again "there". But once you aren't a virgin it won't feel the same down there and you don't want that change without somebody you care about.

    Sometimes it takes a few times for the hymen to break, or it can be broken by fingering, tampons, exercise, etc. But if it breaks that way and not through penetration by a man's penis you are still a virgin, don't feel bad. Sometimes it takes having sex a few times to break the hymen (if yours is still intact the first time you have sex) depending on how gentle he is/how long you do it/etc. I only had sex once and it hurt a lot so I hope my next time won't hurt but some people say it hurts the first few times so I don't know. Save the pain for someone you care about. Sorry for writing a book.

  • it doesn't hurt as bad as they say .. I lost my virginity a couple weeks ago .. just try not to pay attention to it and it won't hurt so bad .. by the way it doesn't hurt more if you wait longer, that's a myth