Men who shave down below?

I asked this guy once if he shaved his genitals..and he laughed at me, and told me he only thought p*rn stars did that. So now I am curious to whether there are any guys out there who do. I'd also like to hear from girls who have dated guys who do this, and what they think or thought about it, but anyone commenting who hasn't had a guy who does this, but would like to share their opinion on the matter, are also welcome. Its a fun topic, lets see what results we can get :P

I think its so great that people are so honest...


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  • It's not only for p*rn stars! Every guy should keep down there clean. You don't have to shave it all off, but I know I do a little grooming every so often. It makes the area so much more pleasant for girls who go down one me.

    • I never said it was, he did :P so I got curious and wanted to know

    • lol I agree you girls do all that work to make sure we have pleasant accommodations you no bush in face no pubs in mouth its the least a guy can do

    • reont94, that's exactly why I do it. I believe it not only improves my hygiene down there but the only hair get gets in her mouth is her own during you know what.

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  • I shave it all off. I don't like being all hairy down there.

  • i use a trimmer, like the ones you find at hair salons or barber shops. I put no numbered clip on it, just use the bare leaves no razor bumps or ingorwn hairs...i use a bic razor on my balls and gooch not that hairy to begin with on any part of my body so its not that big of a deal for me when doing the gooch, balls, etc...i usually do it about once a week to keep everything looking good. last thing a girl wants is a mouth full of pubes lol

  • I shave, and most of my sex partners enjoyed it. Clean skin is better

  • Did it, didn't particularly enjoy the experience but it does mean certain things look better and has advantages in terms of hygiene.

    • you didn't cut yourself did ya? :) why not try waxing, it don't hurt abit *rolls eyes to the left*

    • Cut myself? What do you think I used - a straight razor? I''m not really a cowboy.

      As for waxing, there's no way without an epidural.

  • i shave and I love it. I have never gotten a makes everything easy for both parties.. for the guy, he gets to feel everything even more. especially if she wants to lick or suck on his balls, well she won't have to worry about any hair..and he will feel it! sometimes I do lke I upside down triangle on me and sometimes I take it all off. when I do leave hair, I do it with the clippers, on a 1, so its real short. but I usually take it all off. you dnt have to worry about stray hairs here and there..all guys should shave.

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  • My boyfriend shaves and I love it. I think it's sexy and we always have contests to see who's smoother. lol. Plus it makes going down so much more enjoyable for me.

  • I think it's disgusting if a guy doesn't at least trim down there. Guys that shave completely would be preferable because then bjs would be easier for us girls, but it's understandable why guys don't do that. I know my bff's boyfriend shaves absolutely every hair on his body because she hates body hair. I think the guy is a complete a-hole, but my friend keeps dating him because it's too much work to break up with him. It would be too much work to fight over who gets the bed, it would be too much work to find someone who gives me this much attention, it would be too much work to teach someone else how I like it in bed, it would be too much work to find someone else willing to shave everything...blah blah blah. Hope this helps! (:

    • I am completely bald downstairs from having laser hair removal and love it. It feels so nice, clean and bald. Since women go to a lot of trouble for guys it is only fair the guy returns the favour.

    • Yea. I want to get laser hair removal down there too. Body hair is pretty nasty.

  • I myself is completely shaved and My Boyfriend is well groomed I think it is great for hygiene purpose.

  • men shuld shave down there pls

  • I prefer it to be shaved because it looks and feels better to me :) and hair makes things sweaty and smell so if you get rid of the hair then you get rid of that but I don't mind a bit of hair

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