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Men who shave down below?

I asked this guy once if he shaved his genitals..and he laughed at me, and told me he only thought p*rn stars did that. So now I am curious to... Show More

I think its so great that people are so honest...

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  • It's not only for p*rn stars! Every guy should keep down there clean. You don't have to shave it all off, but I know I do a little grooming every so often. It makes the area so much more pleasant for girls who go down one me.

    • I never said it was, he did :P so I got curious and wanted to know more...lol.

    • lol I agree you girls do all that work to make sure we have pleasant accommodations you no bush in face no pubs in mouth its the least a guy can do

    • reont94, that's exactly why I do it. I believe it not only improves my hygiene down there but the only hair get gets in her mouth is her own during you know what.

What Guys Said 66

  • I shave it all off. I don't like being all hairy down there.

  • i can't shave down there without getting a wicked rash, so I trim, or else it becomes a crazy jungle.

    your in the jungle baby your gonna dieeeeee!- guns an roses

    yeah just popped in my head, randomness

  • I do, hygienic

  • I shave, and most of my sex partners enjoyed it. Clean skin is better

  • I do it once in a while. Sometimes I'll take an electric razor and trim, and other times I'll use Nair and make it very smooth. I like the variety more than anything.

    • Electric razor...that sounds dangerous, I hope you've never attempted this in a drunken state...lol

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    • ...but so smooth, afterwards.

      No pain, no gain...

    • Nair hurts. Used it on my legs once...ONCE. Never again. Can't imagine using it in such a sensitive area.

  • i use a trimmer, like the ones you find at hair salons or barber shops. I put no numbered clip on it, just use the bare minimum...it leaves no razor bumps or ingorwn hairs...i use a bic razor on my balls and gooch area...im not that hairy to begin with on any part of my body so its not that big of a deal for me when doing the gooch, balls, etc...i usually do it about once a week to keep everything looking good. last thing a girl wants is a mouth full of pubes lol

  • Many homosexual men do this

  • I shave weekly. Although it's a little more taboo for guys than for girls, I see it as just good hygiene.

  • I personally don't think shaving is safe or even comfortable. I did shave my nuts and pubic area one time and while it was silky smooth down there like a baby's ass, two days later, I had the worst f***ing itch of my life. It was also very cool down there, like my balls were highly sensitive and perceptive of air and wind. It was difficult to walk, the f***ing itch wouldn't go away, I kept getting paranoid, thinking all my college peers would think I had crabs or something. During class I even covered up my lap in my sweat shirt, and slyly put my hand under it to put my hand down my pants and give my self a heavenly scratch, the girl next to me, her jaws dropped. I looked down and realized I looked like I was jerking off. I decided that from that point onwards, shaving would be an experience I would learn from and stay the hell away from. I went back to the time tested technique of trimming the genitals with electronic clippers. Every guy must develop the art form of using clippers. Using for different settings, I can trim my genitals to whatever even length I please, at different areas. Using close settings around my balls, and higher settings around my treasure trail, the result is magnificent, as I stand in the mirror and take pride in my skills, I thank God someone created the clippers.

    • F*** I forgot to press Anonymous...oh well...

    • What you described is called manscaping it?s like landscaping just on a smaller scale

    • yes maam, man scaping is an art form many men just don't develop, hey, I should get best answer for this comment for my bravery of commenting and using vivid details. also I just realized that there is an anonymous check box, but what the hell, I have no apologies for what I say...

  • IMO, the area should definitely be kept trimmed.


    Everything looks... "Grander"

    Looks cleaner (like you care about the damned thing)

    Every guy complains about HER hair. What about vice-versa?

    Easier cleaning- doesn't retain smells as readily

    You're less likely to get your hair pulled by one thing or another...

    POSSIBLE Cons:

    Shaving rash if you're an idiot

    Stubble / ingrown hair

  • I just keep it trimmed, I shaved one and it was so freakin uncomfortable that I wouldn't do it again...

  • Shaving down there is just wrong. Its a bit dangerous and its like puberty all over again when the hairs grow back, painful.

    Keeping trim however is an absolute must. I'd balk at a girl who has a jungle in her pants so its only fair I do the same.

    Also, somewhat selfishly for the guys out there, girls are more willing to go down on a well groomed little fella.

    • definitely during puberty.

      Never shaved my balls to find out but I did shave my arm bits once and...yeah. The same pain.

  • ironically I just got done shaving. and immediately I texted my girlfriend, because I was so proud of my shave-job, that she better be prepared for my silky smooth pubic region =P she appreciated it

  • i shave from the balls back all the way with just a disposable razor. But I can't shave the front it makes it itchy and makes me feel like a little kid. Though I trim often to keep clean. I not only think it is "fair" but I just feel better.. the only downside is that I do a much more thorough job than my girlfriend which can be a bit weird.

  • i don't shave with a razor (yikes) but I use the face trimmer without a guard and cut it all very close. its basically slightly longer than stubble. and no I don't use it on my face after that. I shave my face. but if someone comes along in my bathroom and uses my stuff without asking then I will let them give it a go. but I don't (nor have I ever) had anything so its cool. to me, not them.

  • manscaping : totally necessary its only fare if we expect you girls to keep it trim

  • I do it from time to time. I feel cleaner and nicer. In some ways more confident too, I know it sounds silly, but having pubes down there feel that you are not really a man. Like you are too afraid of something. Just my feelings.

  • i shave and or trim...usualy stay shaven most of the time...if a girl wants to give me a bj I don't want her to worry about pubes in the mouth...

  • I shave legs, genital region, and armpits. I also epilate my arms. I'm told it can make some girls insecure if the guy has smoother skin than they do, but I like having smooth legs and whatnot.

    • George Michael wants his eyebrow trimmer back

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    • kk & confused.

      not intimidating at all. Smooth skin is awesome. I grew up on a swim team, and everyone shaved everything- for faster time. the result was really niice skin. now I think its hot ;)

      side question. Why do guys call it 'manscaping'-- sounds retarded like out of some dumb news letter called the 'manlies'.

      Is there a reason you can't just say 'shave' ? Are you worried if you don’t put the word ‘man’ into everything, we will forget you are a man?

    • I don't call it manscaping. I also find that term weird/creepy. I do differentiate shaving, waxing, and epilating because they are different ways of getting rid of hair. All that being said, I am not going to turn in my man card because I don't like body hair.

  • My wife and I both prefer to trim. Shaving is too irritating for her because the skin of her vulva is super-sensitive. I prefer trimming it short over shaving completely because of the potential for ingrown hairs.

    We both like the trimmed look. It's cleaner and it makes things more fun in the bedroom.

    • you can use a trimmer...like not scissors but the trimmers they use when cutting hair, I just don't have a numbered clip on it and just use the bare minimum...i don't get ingrown hairs and its as close to the skin as you can get w/o using a razor and getting all those bumps

  • Just trimmed and groomed. I think shaved makes you look like a little 5 year old boy.

  • Did it, didn't particularly enjoy the experience but it does mean certain things look better and has advantages in terms of hygiene.

    • you didn't cut yourself did ya? :) why not try waxing, it don't hurt abit *rolls eyes to the left*

    • Cut myself? What do you think I used - a straight razor? I''m not really a cowboy.

      As for waxing, there's no way without an epidural.

  • I started trimming years ago, and began shaving completly about 2 years ago. I love the looks and the feeling of no nasty hair down there. I shave my balls as well, have for years. Oddly once you start shaving you find you can't stop, I let mine go for a week once and it looked nasty to me so clean shaven is the way to go. Iam married now by the way and my wife is perfectly fine with it.

  • Trimming the grass makes the tree look taller.

  • As straight as it gets...my boys like to breath and I feel cleaner as a result

  • I use that trimmer designed for body hair. It can really get unkempt down there if you don't. I don't shave it all off, but I get rid of part of the bush. Not only should every guy do this but I'd think any guy who doesn't is just being macho on purpose.

  • Nope never do, I'd only do it if a girlfriend I cared about made a request, not some random chick I don't care about.

  • I agree too lucy.

    I myself don't. I opt to trim it and keep it from getting thick and unruly. I trade shaving it when I was 16 and the result was like sandpaper and pins between my legs although to be honest I was sh*tty at shaving and I couldn't get a good angle to do it myself. I find it weird the guy laughed at you. He may have felt awkward about it, but anyways... I don't do it it's too much hassle for me I've heard some complain that it makes them feel like their 10 years old again

  • i shave regularly (that is 2 times a month). not for sex (I never had). its just a matter of comfort

  • I shave down there. A strip. I shave the balls also. I hate licking or touching a hairy puss so I fig y would you ladies.

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What Girls Said 23

  • I once met a guy who shaved his chest all the way down to his genitals. He said he can't stand hair.

    I thought that was really bizarre:o

  • my ex always did shave ..it was his personal choice and I was OK with it.

  • I myself is completely shaved and My Boyfriend is well groomed I think it is great for hygiene purpose.

  • I think it's disgusting if a guy doesn't at least trim down there. Guys that shave completely would be preferable because then bjs would be easier for us girls, but it's understandable why guys don't do that. I know my bff's boyfriend shaves absolutely every hair on his body because she hates body hair. I think the guy is a complete a-hole, but my friend keeps dating him because it's too much work to break up with him. It would be too much work to fight over who gets the bed, it would be too much work to find someone who gives me this much attention, it would be too much work to teach someone else how I like it in bed, it would be too much work to find someone else willing to shave everything...blah blah blah. Hope this helps! (:

    • I am completely bald downstairs from having laser hair removal and love it. It feels so nice, clean and bald. Since women go to a lot of trouble for guys it is only fair the guy returns the favour.

    • Yea. I want to get laser hair removal down there too. Body hair is pretty nasty.

  • I mean shaving down a bitch for girls and guys and if they expect you to they should return the favor, at the very least they should keep things trimmed

  • I prefer it to be shaved because it looks and feels better to me :) and hair makes things sweaty and smell so if you get rid of the hair then you get rid of that but I don't mind a bit of hair

  • no way shaving or waxing all the way , yep all my bf's have or adleast had it really trimmed , and if there balls were hairy then that's just rong 100 percent has to go (: xx

  • men shuld shave down there pls

  • My boyfriend shaves and I love it. I think it's sexy and we always have contests to see who's smoother. lol. Plus it makes going down so much more enjoyable for me.

  • My guy trims his really short into a perfect triangle. It is so sexy and it makes his area look so perfect!

    • How would you feel about a mickey mouse shape?

    • Mickey mouse is cool too :) A great big heart would be even better!

  • Oh the old manscaping question. I'm not speaking for all girls but I like guys manscaped. I myself get waxed because I like feeling clean and smooth, and I'd like my guy to be the same. He doesn't have to be waxed completely like I am. Just manscaped in a way that he looks and feels neat. But If he has course pubic hair and it feels uncomfortable upon contact, I'd prefer him shaved/waxed.

  • I dated a guy who always had it shaved and it is better and tidier I think

  • Girls do so why shouldn't guys? My boyfriend used a hair removal cream once a month or so... just keeps everything down below nice and fresh. I think its a good thing.

    • It is only fair that men go bald downstairs since women go to a lot of trouble for men. I had laser hair removal on my entire **** area so I wouldn't have to shave or get braz waxed again.

  • I think my guy should shave because he keeps complaining that the condom gets stuck on it and it hurts him or whatever.

  • I shave so I expect my man to shave as well and there is no problem. It's a hell lot better to have sex full contact than to have a fricking bush in the way

  • wow I'm surprised at how many men do shave! that's awesome guys! keep it up!

    • Cheers. It is only fair we men go bare down there since the ladies go to a lot of trouble for us. I stopped getting braz waxed and opted for laser hair removal instead.

    • wow do braz's hurt?

  • Never seen a guy shave down there except for p*rn... but am open to it. I don't mind my boyfriend's hair but I definitely would be more inclined to use my mouth on his balls if they were less hairy, but if that's a trade off he's willing to make then I don't really care either way. It seems like it'd be really difficult to shave there though!

  • 8/20 guys I've been with shaved completely. 6/20 trimmed and the rest were nasty little hair bugs.

    • Lmao... so, seeing as you seem to have had experience with all kinds, what did you prefer. I only ask cause its common for guys to tell us girls to keep it neat or shave it off altogether, and since asking this guy this question, its made me wonder if girls actually have an issue with guys being messy down there, and should guys take their own advice...lol

    • Yes, guys do have an issue. Most prefer it all shaved off and a small population like it neat. Personally, I think it's double standards. I don't like too much body hair, most men don't either, and to not recognize women don't is rude. Why should we have to shave and them not? I like men trimmed, but don't mind men who shave all the way. They do have more complications shaving than us.

    • True, some guy above says he uses an eletric razor!...No I agree with you, it does seem men think its OK to tell us, and not seem to think it shouldn't apply to them too...but since asking this question I have discovered some men, do care about it and like to keep it trim and not have a full grown beard down there..lol

  • I would prefer it to be trimmed down there, not shaved. A little hair isn't so bad.

  • hes an idiot. it looks cleaner.. my boyfriend shaves. I wax. yes pubic hair is there to protect you from I don't know what but I still like it better waxed! its smoother and feels soft. its just cleaner to me.

    • Couldn't agree more. Completely bald downstairs is the best feeling.

  • I think it's sexy when a guy shaves his genitals(: personally I believe it makes the man look bigger and it looks more approachable and inviting then starring at some huge harry bush. Besides I don't think any girl would want a mouth full of pubes. So I deff. believe it's sexy when a guy shaves(: ! ha ha

  • a lot of my guy friends do.. all of them, come to think of it.

  • I've dated guys who did and some that didn't. Most of the it's I've dated shave their genitals. I knew one that would not have sex unless he was properly groomed. I honestly don't care. Shaving gentiles isn't just a p*rn star thing. I think it's really common actually.

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