Foreskin hurts when it is pulled back?

well I was giving my boyfriend a hand job last night for the first time and I started how I normally would, until her complained that it hurt.

he said that when his foreskin was pulled back even a little it hurt a lot so I said OK and tried to get on with the hand job as best as I could. considering I was worried about hurting him.

this has never happened to me before with any other guys so I asked him a couple of questions and he said that he never really wanked because he couldn't be bothered too and that he didn't really do much to pleasure himself. and he's a virgin also so I don't know what could happen when we have sex.

he also mentioned that if I give him more hand jobs and stuff like that, over time it would stop hurting, but I only get to see him once or twice a week, will that be enough to sort the problem out?

oh and will this be a problem when we try and have sex or I try and give him a blow job? should I tell him to try and fix the problem himself? what do I do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • This is because his foreskin isn't used to being pulled back over his glans. There could be a lot more problems causing this as well. If you're worried about it taking too long to prepare for sex then you should suggest that he practise pulling his foreskin back on his own time so it's less work for you. Usually, this isn't a problem as males should be frequently pulling back their foreskin for cleaning purposes. This will be a problem during sex unless it's addressed. A blow job won't really do anything if the foreskin isn't pulled back.