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Foreskin hurts when it is pulled back?

well I was giving my boyfriend a hand job last night for the first time and I started how I normally would, until her complained that it hurt. he... Show More

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  • This is because his foreskin isn't used to being pulled back over his glans. There could be a lot more problems causing this as well. If you're worried about it taking too long to prepare for sex then you should suggest that he practise pulling his foreskin back on his own time so it's less work for you. Usually, this isn't a problem as males should be frequently pulling back their foreskin for cleaning purposes. This will be a problem during sex unless it's addressed. A blow job won't really do anything if the foreskin isn't pulled back.


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  • Yeah I was just readin around and thought I should tell you this, your guy most likely has frenulum breve and should get a frenuloplasty it's not circumcision but it makes a small incision in the frenulum so it can heal back longer, the procedure apparently takes about 10 minutes but after that and 2 weeks no sex(sorry) it should be fine

    This is frenulum breve, link

    And this is the treatment, link

    It said on there that stretching and creams can help but only to a point and it can still be painful, I'm thinking about getting one and your guy should have one too

  • I used to have this problem but overcame it by stretching, He has to learn to stretch the frenulum and then it will be easier to pull the foreskin down(easier to do with oil and in the shower and it may take a couple of weeks to fully stretch out), you can also get special steroid creams to help thin that part of the skin out and make it more loose,

    I wasn't able to pull the foreskin back before while masturbating but it was still pleasurable, so just give him a handjob without pulling the skin

    If it's really serious then surgery a frenuplasty or just a circumcision will be done

    • should this be done whilst erect or flaccid?

    • Both but it's easier and probably faster to stretch whilst erect, also don't pull to hard as it can break and bleed

  • all the other guys opinions is right. he isn't used to, it'll get better, do it slowly. but I just wanna say, don't give BJ just yet, his d***head is so dirty.

  • sometimes this happens if a boy doesnot wash his penis regularly

    if that's the case he should wash his penis well after pulling whole of his foreskin back.

    sometimes lubricant may help

  • Well if the foreskin is tight it will hurt. a lot... Before doing anything just make sure that, the penis is lubricated enough, otherwise it wil hurt...u can use your saliva, mouthjob...After sum time, the foreskin will loose itself...If your Boyfriend wil mastubrate in traditional way (pulling foreskin over glans & back) it will loose itself...

    If it still hurts, then visit a surgeon, he will circumcise & prob will b solved...& yes your Boyfriend will have prob on having sex, till his foreskin remains tight...

  • I'd say he should go see a doctor and have that fixed. That's really not the way it should be like. He might probably need a circumcision.

    • There are so many alternatives to circumsition. always!

  • If he hasn't been pulling it back to clean, it's going to be pretty nasty...

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