My boyfriend fell asleep on me while we were fooling around?

this weekend was our year anniversary we stayed at the disneyland hotel in a suite and haddinner everynight and had loads of fun. well the first night we fooled around and had sex but he got sick to his stomach since we were preeeeetty drunk so we stopped and went to sleep. well the next night we were fooling around in the shower and had sex a little then I said lets go to the be I want you to finger me (the night before I did everything to please him...)so we got out and got in bed and he started to finger me and fell asleep on me. we wern't I don't get it. guys have you ever allen asleep on a girl? girls has a guy ever fallen asleep on you? I can't help but think this is MY fault a guy would never fll asleep on a good looking least I don't think he would. this has gotte me feeling pretty ugly and like I'm not good enough for him, he told me it's not my fault and he got really sad saying he feels like crap making the one person he cares about most in life think she's ugly. should I just let this go? or should I worry? right now I'm in the middle...thanks!