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Embarrassing underwear stories

do any of you have any funny embarrassing underwear stories?

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  • I'm a math teacher, and about a month ago while teaching my grade 10 class I was up at the board and I dropped my marker, when I bent down to pick it up my giant plain white hanes granny panties with butterflies and rainbows and hearts all over them got bunched up and came out of my pants, and when I stood up (I didn't notice this) they were even more visible, about half of my undies were in plain view to my class, of all the days to wear one of my many favorite undies (about 90% of my panties are colorful kiddish giant briefs, granny panties -.-" I'm a young woman but just love my undies huge and kiddish, I always have) *Blush*. So I went the whole class flaunting my briefs not noticing the giggles from my students, and when class ended I was helping a boy at lunch with his work, I took my sandals off and sat cross legged in my chair, and was moving my bare feet around absent mindedly, my foot accidentally kicked him which sparked a talk about how I have big feet (They're size 11.5) We chatted for a bit and he gave me a foot rub and tickled my feet for a bit (My feet are SO ticklish) And then when I bent down to pick up my sandals he said "Oh right I forgot! Cute undies Ms. Hay!" I sat up and saw my panties showing and went bright red, "They were showing all class" he said and then threw me a wink, I was so embarrassed! all I could say was "Thanks..they're Hanes." Now I always check to see if my panties are showing and unfortuantley, they often do :S I'm known as the "Hot teacher with granny panties and big feet." apparently, ugh fml :(

    • Any pics of them showing

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      Cute panties.

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      @KatieHay foot rub? dam that guy must of hittin on you? is this in high school?

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  • When I was eleven my stepsister who was ten was sent to wake me for school. She had a friend of hers with her and they sneaked into my room. My stepsister screamed in my ear and yanked the covers down past my knees. I sat straight up scared out of my wits. I heard her friend squeal something about me being in my underwear. I was wearing a white t shirt and briefs and they were giggling and laughing at me. I tried pulling the covers up but she wouldn't let go.We were having a little tug of war until I shoved her with my foot, knocking her in the floor. She jumped up mad, grabbed me by the ankles and dragged me out of bed. By now my step mother came to see what all the commotion was. She found me on my stomach on the floor in my underwear with her daughter sitting on my back. She had me in a hammerlock with one hand and was pulling my head back by a handful of hair with the other one. How's that for embarrassing?

  • I've stolen a couple of my sisters friends panties before. I haven't been caught, and I haven't done that anymore because well she moved out and there's no longer friends of hers that stay the night. lol I have 4 pairs.. from 3 different girls. :P It would be more, but I didn't take from the girls that I thought weren't attractive. lol I don't think they realize I took them. I think they think that they have lost them. I made sure not to take them when they'd like realize it real soon. Like in the evening or something before they take a shower. I would just get up before them and raid their bags. :P It's all I took though, cause I'm a dirty little perv. :P but there hot so.. its what they get for leaving the bag out in the open. haha

  • I sniffed my girlfriends twin sisters panties to see if they smelled the same and got caught.

  • I was unpacking once...and my dad's boxers get mixed with mine and I wore them by mistake...gave me night terrors...Ewwww XD

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      Did u would wonder why they were soo big?

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  • my friend had never worn a g string thong before, and one night she wanted to try one. so we go to the bathroom later and she is saying how uncomfortable it is. then later she was like "how are you supposed to wear these things anyways?" another friend and I explained it to her, and she realized she was wearing it sideways LMAO.

  • Grade 9 I was pantsed in front of my whole gym class while wearing little mermaid panties :S

  • im a nudist.

  • ok here`s a really embarrassing one: I have a 32 d and there was a sexy bra but they only had it in 34 d so it was a bit too big but I bought itso next time I was wearing it I put pads in it so that it was not too loose anymore, my boyfriend and I were cuddling, when suddenly my boyfriend looked at my d├ęcollet├ęthese pads came out of my bra and he could see them this was so embarrassing!

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