Embarrassing underwear stories

Do any of you have any funny embarrassing underwear stories?


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  • I'm a math teacher, and about a month ago while teaching my grade 10 class I was up at the board and I dropped my marker, when I bent down to pick it up my giant plain white hanes granny panties with butterflies and rainbows and hearts all over them got bunched up and came out of my pants, and when I stood up (I didn't notice this) they were even more visible, about half of my undies were in plain view to my class, of all the days to wear one of my many favorite undies (about 90% of my panties are colorful kiddish giant briefs, granny panties -.-" I'm a young woman but just love my undies huge and kiddish, I always have) *Blush*. So I went the whole class flaunting my briefs not noticing the giggles from my students, and when class ended I was helping a boy at lunch with his work, I took my sandals off and sat cross legged in my chair, and was moving my bare feet around absent mindedly, my foot accidentally kicked him which sparked a talk about how I have big feet (They're size 11.5) We chatted for a bit and he gave me a foot rub and tickled my feet for a bit (My feet are SO ticklish) And then when I bent down to pick up my sandals he said "Oh right I forgot! Cute undies Ms. Hay!" I sat up and saw my panties showing and went bright red, "They were showing all class" he said and then threw me a wink, I was so embarrassed! all I could say was "Thanks..they're Hanes." Now I always check to see if my panties are showing and unfortuantley, they often do :S I'm known as the "Hot teacher with granny panties and big feet." apparently, ugh fml :(

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      Any pics of them showing

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      @KatieHay foot rub? dam that guy must of hittin on you? is this in high school?

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      Love your underwear choice :)