Do women really like giant dildos or normal size d***s better?

Do women really like giant dildos or normal size d***s better? Just wonder I now some women like to use both lol


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  • i love the big ones. I have some slightly above average ones that are amazing but they aren't shaped like penises at all. they are made to hit the right spots and stuff.

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  • 6h

    i have a giant horse size one that's shaped like one and i love it and i think all mine would be classed as giant

  • ehhh I'm a bit intimidated by the huge ones =/...

  • The one I bought is an average or smaller than average size. I think it's better this way. I don't understand chicks that use horse dildos unless they never intend on having sex with a real man again.

    • What do ya mean? Sorry, don't follow.

    • *are not*

    • G GTom: I understand that, but like I said, it seems counter productive to get used to a big dildo if they are gonna anticipate having sex with a normal sized man. To each their own, though.

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  • I've never used a dildo but I think a big one would be painful


    • small giant ones. lol

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  • It was my understanding that women prefered bigger than average sex toys which don't have feeling to them because they are static objects, requiring more effort from their user to pleasure, so a slightly bigger one has more chance, for less effort.When concering vibrators and such, I figured they chose regular or smaller sized ones, to compensate for the vibrations and generate greater pleasure by having a non restricted space to operate in.But you know what, I'm not a woman so I'm not even qualified to answer this question, lol. You should ignore this until you get some female responses. :)