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What do you think of perverts?

What do you think of horny old people? Or even young people?

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  • You mean the vast majority of males? That's what it's starting to seem like. What do I think of them? I think it's very unfortunate to be a woman. That's what guys who actually respect women should make more of an effort to show it.


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  • I'm fine with pervs (obviously), though I must admit to despising those pawing, leering apes that make the rest of us look bad.

  • like yourself? I think you need a rehab.

  • What kind of pervert are you talking about? The kind of pervert that rapes people and molests little kids? They should be in jail! Or the kind of pervert that just has their hormones raging? That's fine.

    • Just in general. Just because people rape does not exclusively mean they are perverts (although they can and usually seen as one).

  • 1. Ew.

    2. Oh it's natural, he'll grow out of it; she won't, she's a hoe, a breeder. :)

  • I love me some pervos. They're my people.

  • I think a majority of them are anonymous guys between the ages 25-29.

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