Am I the only heterosexual man who thinks vaginas look disgusting?

Just curious. I love girls (as long as they are skinny), but vaginas turn me off. I need to focus on t*ts/ass/legs to get hard...


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  • I think vaginas are ugly, but looks aren't everything I guess.

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  • xD

    idk I think a lot of guys are like that

    its interesting. I'm bi and I don't think as many homosexual girls feel that way as do heterosexual guys. hmm...

    anyway I love pussy, I think its beautiful and I love going down on girls. yum. P:

    hehe I'm such a homo

    and I like non-skinny girls so there's another thing we don't have in common lol

    i have girl friends who love guys but think penises look gross though so maybe some people just don't like genitalia. my best friend is like that, she refuses to give blow jobs because she thinks its gross and she doesn't want a penis in her face.

    • "so maybe some people just don't like genitalia."


  • To each their own... and I suspect this is a troll. But let me tell you, if my boyfriend said that to me, our physical relationship would be over. And probably the rest of our relationship too.

    • stop talking to me. you're done here.

    • Whatever you say.

    • finally... you give up. you know I've never insulted you. in fact, you started provoking me because you were unable to debate in a mature way. your arguments lack logic. don't blame me for your failure. just because your boyfriend agrees with everything you say, it doens't mean everyone else does. you still have to learn a lot...

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  • Wow, you're weird.

  • many girls hate penises...that doesn't mean they're gay

    • I know right...well...sadly its true

    • I don't see how a straight girl could hate a penis. Why would I stick something in my vag if I hated it? That's just not logical.

  • I think you are probably in the closet. You don't really like a woman's figure, they have to be skinny like a boy in order for you to look at them.

  • Where else would you like to put your P then? *cough* :P

    • yes it is, cause you know it's ugly and a turn off for you, but you would like to put your d***y in there.. it's paradox.

      But I think your not the only one.

    • I like to put my d*** in it, but I don't like how it looks. There's a difference. Is it really that difficult to understand?

  • oh this reason for thinks vaginas look disgusting your thinking is wright from your sight

  • Well I like em, I love em, I want some more of em

  • I don't think they're disgusting but they're not much of a turn on for me. I need to focus on the others like you said.