How do I get my boyfriend to touch my breasts?

So, he has tried touching them once and I took his hand off..and told him not to touch them

Now after several months when I'm okay with it, I do not know how to ask him to touch them

I do not want to be direct and tell him to touch them, or place his hand on them and neither are we going to have sex anytime soon

So you know what I mean, when I say that it's a hard situation?

We're 19 and 20


Most Helpful Girl

  • if he respects you and it sounds like he does he will now wait for an invitation from you which is what you set up yourself. so put on your big girl panties when the time is right and either say "i'm ready for alittle more" as you're making out with him or take his hand and guide it to your breast while you're making out with him. Just because you put his hand on your breast doesn't mean you're giving him an invitation to do whatever he wants with you and it sounds like he's a respectful guy and he'll know that but if you feel the need to clarify then just say "when I'm ready for something new I'll let you know"