How do I get him hard in public?

Me and my boyfriend have kind of made it a game to make each other aroused/jealous in public. Now he seems to dominate the jealousy game and I'm not really sure how to get him horny when most of the time that I see him is either in class or when other people are around. I've teased him a couple of times but when he teases me it seems like it affects me more. So care to tell me the little things that will give me an edge? Greatly appreciated : )


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sit facing him in a booth at a restaurant. Then straighten your leg under the table and use your foot to massage his "parts". At the movies, user your hand.

    Wear and skirt and tell him your not wearing underwear, even if it's a lie. This is a harmless type of lie, right?

    Start teaching him to read your lips. How? Well, when you 2 aren't playing this game, let's say at home, say something to him by only moving your lips. Then tell him if he can guess what you said, he can have what you said. Then say "f*** me", or "I want to blow you", or "I want to sit on your cock" Say anything, but make it sexual. Make him figure it out before he can have it and when he does, follow through on it immediately. Reward him for good behavior. Do this until he gets good at reading your lips on the first or second try. Once he's good at, then start "saying" stuff in public. And since he's good at reading your lips, he'll guess it straight away, but since he can't have what you've promised. Oh man, that'll throw him for a loop!

    I like this so much, I might start doing it! LOL

    He might also be better at keeping a poker face and you're doing much better than you think.