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How do I get him hard in public?

Me and my boyfriend have kind of made it a game to make each other aroused/jealous in public. Now he seems to dominate the jealousy game and I'm not... Show More

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  • Sit facing him in a booth at a restaurant. Then straighten your leg under the table and use your foot to massage his "parts". At the movies, user your hand.Wear and skirt and tell him your not wearing underwear, even if it's a lie. This is a harmless type of lie, right?Start teaching him to read your lips. How? Well, when you 2 aren't playing this game, let's say at home, say something to him by only moving your lips. Then tell him if he can guess what you said, he can have what you said. Then say "f*** me", or "I want to blow you", or "I want to sit on your cock" Say anything, but make it sexual. Make him figure it out before he can have it and when he does, follow through on it immediately. Reward him for good behavior. Do this until he gets good at reading your lips on the first or second try. Once he's good at, then start "saying" stuff in public. And since he's good at reading your lips, he'll guess it straight away, but since he can't have what you've promised. Oh man, that'll throw him for a loop!I like this so much, I might start doing it! LOLHe might also be better at keeping a poker face and you're doing much better than you think.

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  • It's simple really. Rub up on him. Grind him a little bit. Maybe grab his member a bit here and there. Most guys get horny just by making out.

  • Cut the pocket out of one of his trousers and ask him not to wear underwear. Now you can put your hand in his pocket and play with him discrete. Under the table in a restaurant or elswere you find an oportunity.Another game you can play is tie a ribbon round his **** and let it hang out his waistband. You then can pull it to show him who is I charge.

  • i would say maybe play with your boobs or even when no one is looking but him giving a little flash. or better yet just get his attention with you hand and just slightly slip it down his pants. anything like that will turn you both on because it's risque

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  • u could whisper in his ear:"im not wearing any panties"even if it isn't true lol

  • My recommendation? If he has his phone on him and you two text one another, send him a naughty text. It could be about what you're going to do to him later tonight, how horny you're feeling now, or about how little clothing you're wearing.

  • Take him to a nude beach. You will will that one for sure!

    • Cut out the pocket in one of his trousers and ask him not to wear underware. Now you can sit beside him and reach his member like he was nude. In a restaurant you can do it under the table.You can tie a ribbon round his **** and let it hang over his waistband and then pull it in public to make him understand who is in charge.

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