Do you like the smell down there?

guys do you like/dislike the natural smell of a woman's vagina? or you don't care...or you wd rather she applies some cherry/strawberry smell down there... or whatever.


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  • i always have to ask my guy how I smell and he always tell me how do I keep it fresh and smells good. and I have to agree with him because every after he goes down on me, I tell him to kiss me and I love my smell on his mouth. so hot :)

    and I only use baby wipes in wiping it because our vaginas are very sensitive. when taking a shower I just rinse it with water and I shave twice a week. :)


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  • My lover uses a Bidet or rinses after she pees but no soap or artificial scent. Her natural fragrance is a combination of "sea breeze" and fresh female under-arm sweat. which is slightly salty and tart. The taste matches the fragrance. I like it just fine.

    Been down there with perhaps 20 women of all races. Sour pee is the thing you want to avoid. When you pee, spread your lips to get a straight stream without hissing and bubbling. Blot out carefully if that's all you can do or, better, rinse off with a glass of fresh water holding open with the other hand.

    TMI? Shouldn't be if you want him to go down on you eagerly.

  • I like the natural smell. Sometimes I go down on my girlfriend either right when we get home after going out or right after she gets home from work so she'll smell more natural. I'm not a fan of scented sprays or anything like that.

  • keep it clean and it smells very inviting =)

  • Clean and healthy.

  • as long as its washed and kept clean, the smell is a turn on to me


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  • I know I'm not a guy but I have to say, don't put fragrance down there, it's a good way of getting thrush or bacterial vaginosis which will make you smell like fish or yeast.. Neither of which are pleasant. The best thing you can do to increase the chances of a pleasant scent down there is wash regularly (with water and a ph neutral soap if you wish) and eat well. A balanced diet full of fruit and veg will give you a much better scent and smell.