My boyfriend is a virgin...

But I'm not. I've actually been with a few other people before him. He's good at everything else and I don't mind that he's a virgin. plus there's no way I would take someones virginity that is saving it for marriage. that's wrong. but playtime just gets annoying because it's like the same thing everytime. Is it wrong for me to get annoyed with this? sometimes it really stresses me out. and I feel guilty for that.


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, it's probably not wrong, but maybe you need to stop and think a minute what exactly you wanted in a boyfriend when you guys decided to start going together. Was it because you had a lot of things in common so that you just naturally started going together? Was it because you were bored with your last boyfriend? Was it because you thought you'd be able to talk him into having sex with you sooner than this or that you didn't know he was a virgin? Whatever the reason if you really like him I guess you have to decide what you want right now, a boyfriend that you really like, trust and want to be committed to, or if he's just a boyfriend that fills a spot in your life at the moment. If it's the first, then feel lucky that he's not slept around like you have and that you're probably very special to him. If it's the second and you're feeling left out that you can do the sexual things you're used to doing in a relationship, then maybe you need to consider letting him know and then moving on. If you can't even think of him as a guy you'd ever marry then don't think you're gonna be happy with him because like you said, playtime is already getting annoying to you. If things don't change for you, it'll probably keep getting more annoying. If he's just a casual boyfriend, no need to keep feeling stressed or guilty. Just tell him where you stand! If he's much more than that, have sweet talks with him and tell him how much you love him and see what you guys have in common when it comes to the sexual part of your relationship.