What is a girls reaction when they feel a guy's boner while hugging him?

when a girl is holding onto her guy or hugging him or you know feeling on him and stuff. what is her reaction when she feels his boner


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  • if your just casually hugging her, that could be a little strange. but if you guys were getting hot and heavy, that's usually a turn-on and the sign that she's doing good and usually boosts her confidence.

    • Just reading these comments are turning me on as they remind me of my girlfriend who grabs and squeezes my boner when we make out. Great comments by the way. Can relate to them :D

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  • I would have to say it really just depends. For instance, If I were just hugging on a guy and we were not dating (like just friends or just met and didn't really know each other a whole lot) I would totally be creeped out. Granted I wouldn't like scream and make a scene, but I definitely wouldn't be hugging him again. On the other hand, If it were like my guy or someone I really liked I would be completely turned on. I love it when I have my hand on my guys leg and then I brush against him and I feel that he's hard. Its like the fact that I know that it will give me sooo much pleasure. It makes me want to just jump on top of him.

  • It's hot if it's someone I like. I can only remember feeling it once when it was someone I didn't like. That was just creepy. Immediately I thought about how he was getting off on this, and it grossed me out.

  • i get excited too.

  • If I'm making out with my boyfriend and I feel that he's hard, it's a huge turn-on. I'll usually lean against him or grope him to let him know I like it. I guess I like it because for one, it means we're gonna have sex, and two, it's always nice to be subtly reassured that he's attracted to me and I turn him on.

    If I was just snuggling with him or hugging him and I felt he was hard.I'd be just as turned on. =)

  • To be honest I feel a great deal of satisfaction knowing that he thinks I'm hot and got hard however younger non sexually active girls if its just a normal hug might feel a bit nervous and unsure afterwards as they may not know how to act or deal with the situation. just tell her that you find her attractive but understand that it does not mean she has to do anything she's not ready for.

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  • props for the q

    • Haha yea I was out last saturday the 19th and this girl was making out with me and and feeling on me stuff. she felt my boner looked up at me and said something and I wasnt sure what she felt about it

  • Doesn't matter what your relationship is with her, she'll get turned on. Try to rub it up on her a little bit when you're hugging.