Do you agree that black men are the most attractive race of men?

I love black men in general. don't get me wrong I think white guys and hispanic guys are good looking to but if you put the hottest black guy next to the hottest white and hispanic the black guy will more than likely win.

i do like other races but in general I think black men are the sexiest


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  • everyone likes different stuff ya know?

    i notice black guys who look attractive, they have nice style, good this, good that, but I'm rarely ever sexually attracted to black guys. and I'm black as well. I'm attracted to black girls (im bi) but not black guys. its weird to some people I guess but that's me, and I have several friends that are the same, more or less.

    I don't think there's any one race that is the best looking, but I find myself most attracted to white guys. I like a lot of different types though. I've found chinese guys attractive, japanese guys, mixed guys, mixed latinos, etc. If I had to point out one that I find myself most attracted to, as far as men go, it would be white.

    With girls, I'm all over the place. I have absolutely no noticeable bias in attraction with girls.

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      so you like black girls but not black guys? interesting..

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      also, when I was younger there was a sense of inclusion. in elementary, my friends in my class were all white (the girls I mean) up until a certain grade. they liked white guys, paid attention to white heart throbs in the media, and so did i. at that time, all I wanted was to be closer to being white than black and I already shared the attraction to white guys, so that made me feel better.

      i hope this rant makes sense to you.. :/

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      as far as differences, I mean women are usually made of different body parts than guys. lol there is a difference in actual gender expression allowed in very black-centric culture which I'm not in favor of, but I know not all black guys are a part of that. I just seem to think black girls are more attractive, aside from all my psychological stuff. black girls just look better to me.