Do you agree that black men are the most attractive race of men?

I love black men in general. don't get me wrong I think white guys and hispanic guys are good looking to but if you put the hottest black guy next to the hottest white and hispanic the black guy will more than likely win.

i do like other races but in general I think black men are the sexiest

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  • everyone likes different stuff ya know? i notice black guys who look attractive, they have nice style, good this, good that, but I'm rarely ever sexually attracted to black guys. and I'm black as well. I'm attracted to black girls (im bi) but not black guys. its weird to some people I guess but that's me, and I have several friends that are the same, more or less.I don't think there's any one race that is the best looking, but I find myself most attracted to white guys. I like a lot of different types though. I've found chinese guys attractive, japanese guys, mixed guys, mixed latinos, etc. If I had to point out one that I find myself most attracted to, as far as men go, it would be white. With girls, I'm all over the place. I have absolutely no noticeable bias in attraction with girls.

    • as far as differences, I mean women are usually made of different body parts than guys. lol there is a difference in actual gender expression allowed in very black-centric culture which I'm not in favor of, but I know not all black guys are a part of that. I just seem to think black girls are more attractive, aside from all my psychological stuff. black girls just look better to me.

    • also, when I was younger there was a sense of inclusion. in elementary, my friends in my class were all white (the girls I mean) up until a certain grade. they liked white guys, paid attention to white heart throbs in the media, and so did i. at that time, all I wanted was to be closer to being white than black and I already shared the attraction to white guys, so that made me feel better.i hope this rant makes sense to you.. :/

    • I honestly think for a long time (and possibly even now) I lived in a world where black men were more or less not present in the picture, besides my dad. I got used to them being excluded so much that even now when I'm open to being friends with them, it still doesn't really happen. so just to reiterate. even as a little kid, I rarely found black guys attractive. there's a foundation for this, but my experiences growing up built upon that.

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  • 1mo

    It's a cute idea, just cute though

  • The two guys in your links are mixed by the way, is not the universal fact that Southern European men are the best looking in the World? Girls always speak about them and they win every country poll.

    • 1mo

      It's a cute idea

    • i did answer I do not think africans looks better then african americans..

    • Thats's the only difference they have, that's the only explanation why women think they look better than afrian men. You never answer my questions.

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  • I can't really agree or disagree on the simple fact that I don't really think men in general are that attractive. From a girls point of view I simply have NO IDEA what is seen as attractive, based on the links you given, the men in your links look homosexual but if you like it no opinion but your own should matter.I personally am most attracted to black women but this is my opinion, doesn't mean its the majority view but I just find black women stunning! and that's all I have ever dated :)

  • This is just your preference we all have them

  • At least we agree that Asian men are not the sexiest.

    • i agree I think Asian and indian men are the least attractive

    • I think Asian guys can be pretty attractive, haha. This girl is just being biased. link ~Distant

  • only because girls think they have big d***s

    • yes sure

    • were not talking about d*** size I mean looks cause that is not true about black men having big d***s

  • I do not agree. I don't discriminate but from my personal preference, I find white guys more attractive.~Distant

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  • Most dfinatelt

  • Completely

  • They're my 1st choice

  • I prefer black men, I don't even check for other races besides black men and latino men

  • Black men are more exotic and black skin has better muscle definition. I love the really dark skinned African looking guys <3

  • Tyson Beckford certainly is gorgeous, but I don't think there is a "most attractive race of men". It's subjective. To each, their own. Personally, I can find attractive men amongst white, black, hispanic and Asian men. Beauty is everywhere, no race "more attractive" than the other, although some may be more "popular".

  • No, I don't agree.

  • I think black men are gorgeoussss. so hot.

  • I actually think white boys are more attracted. I just can't look at a dark persons d*** because it looks like poop to me. I do not even notice it is a penis.

    • I won't even go with dark Hispanics too because of that reason. I am Hispanic myself.

    • it is just there penis that does. I have met girls that won't be white boys because they are disgusted because their penis has too many vains. how a penis looks is a important factor.

    • so dark skin people remind you of sh*t? is that what you are telling me?

  • I'm white and I love black men. I have honestly never been attracted to white men. Asians, mexicans, and some others are attractive too but I absolutely love black guys.

  • @you're update:You'll make an awesome half black baby one day ha ha I hope you're Asian because Blaisians are HOT!

    • Oh ha ha sorry for my assumption. I guess since you were asking that question I assumed it had to do with interracial dating.

    • im actually black

  • No, not really. There are attractive people from every race just like there are not-so-attractive people from every race. I think attractiveness is spread out fairly evenly.

  • It's your preference. Don't let anyone bring you down or anything for it, but also don't bring anyone down for theirs. Yes, black men are beautiful (Tyson Beckford anyone? SMOKIN'!) But I love white guys, and I'm Black. Can't help it anymore than you can!

    • tyson beckford is my biggest crush!

    • Hmm. I like Taye Diggs myself, though Tyson Beckford is in VERY good shape...

  • No race is exclusively more attractive. In every race, there are the leat attractive, average & the most :)