Do guys like girls wet?

Okay so I have a boyfriend we are both teens and he was down there rubbing but I would not let him go down that far because I got really wet and he knew I was but I felt self conscious that I was so wet that I wouldn't let him actually do it. Is this something I should feel self conscious about? Was any body else like this ? do guys like that?


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  • When he feels how wet you are his c*ck is probably gonna get rock hard! You just don't understand this is the best unspoken way to show him how much you want him! Enjoy yourself---he's sure gonna want to when he slides his fingers down there-it's like liquid gold ! :) LOL

    • wow! you have a WAY with words!

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    • :) I bet you do! Nice to make your acquaintance!

    • I just made the connection..u are the one that made the crack about the fire hose..that was good! :)


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  • It would be harder to find a guy that doesn't like it, I think its HOT!, believe me its nothing to worry about

  • Questions like this make me understand why some virgins need to be thrown in a volcano... =) *hugs*

    3 second explanation: WET=HOT=GOOD.

    30 secs: I'd move on to a new girl if a couldn't get her wet, unless she had a medical problem. You're feeling self conscious because you've been raised to think all sexual body parts and fluids are gross. Fake the confidence in your body, and pretend all sexual fluids are hot.

  • Wet is great! Squirt in my face, pee in my mouth..I love my lover's body fluids..ALL of them...


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  • dont worry about that :-O:-) that's when guys no their turning the girl on , making them horny, and they know their doing someting right, and they also know your enjoying what there doing just like when we make them hard :-) don't be self concious about it enjoy it and I'm sure hell make you feel a lot better once you let him down there, trust me, :-) xx

  • It's nothing to be self conscious about. I am the same way and my man LOVES it.

  • i have the same 'thing' going on... I find it emberassing but I was told that it isn't at all... especially cause the whole bed gets wet and it's not my own bed I get emberassed. but you don't need to be ashamed. it turns guys on