Do guys like girls wet?

Okay so I have a boyfriend we are both teens and he was down there rubbing but I would not let him go down that far because I got really wet and he knew I was but I felt self conscious that I was so wet that I wouldn't let him actually do it. Is this something I should feel self conscious about? Was any body else like this ? do guys like that?


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  • When he feels how wet you are his c*ck is probably gonna get rock hard! You just don't understand this is the best unspoken way to show him how much you want him! Enjoy yourself---he's sure gonna want to when he slides his fingers down there-it's like liquid gold ! :) LOL

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      wow! you have a WAY with words!

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      :) I bet you do! Nice to make your acquaintance!

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      I just made the connection..u are the one that made the crack about the fire hose..that was good! :)