Why do farts stink??

-why do the silent ones smell the worst?

-when someone sneezes or coughs, how come farts sneak out?

-why do people laugh when someone farts, even though everyone does it?



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  • How the F*** are we supposed to know?

    Flatulence contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. These are created by the fermentation of undigested foods such as bean skins and veegtable fiber. The hydrogen sulfide and other compounds (mercaptan, butyric acid and carbonyl sulfide) make the released gases smell bad. Humans actually expel little methane compared to ruminants such as cows and sheep. Take that lol

    • A fart may be a social nuisance and it can create humiliating and embarrassing situations for the person, but it is still an essential bodily process. If we gulp down a lot of air during eating or if our stomach is unable to digest a meal entirely and properly, a combination of excess gas starts to fill up your stomach. The gas needs to be taken out of the digestive system in form of farts as it would otherwise cause serious gastric pains and other accompanying discomforts. :)?

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  • Dr.Oz said when farts smell, it's because the air has pushed out feces particles and of course, released air.

    When someone coughs or sneezes, often times those who hold it in will fart, which means the pressure is doubled and released.

    People laugh because it's considered to be "ill-mannered," "disrespectful" and "disgusting"

    It's natural, but that doesn't mean you should do it in public. We all sh*t, but that doesn't mean we should do it in front of one another.

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  • what body part does the fart come from?


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  • How did you make it past the age of ten and not know the answer to this question?

    And why is this question not in the "Other" category?

    • why have you not taken the stick out your a$$?

  • Because a fart is a cry for help from an imprisoned turd

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  • Hmmm. Mine don't. Must just be you.