Do any other women like having two or more guys at once?

Call me a slut, or what ever you like but I love having two or more guys at ounce. I have done as many as nine in one nite. I also love doing guys and girls together mmfs ffms . I have just always loved being f***ed and f***ing others just for fun, are there any other girls that just enjoy giving and receiving sex for pleasure and not for love?


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  • your not a slut, You just know what you like and you admit you like it. In my opinion the only girls that are slutty are the ones that lie to seem like a good girl.

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      totally agree

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      Ok, so guys f*** a lot of girls, does that make them sluts? No, it makes them cool. So why the double standard? People should be allowed to do W/E or whoever they want without judgement.

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      To 38Rakia38... I move ;)