Should a girl shave her pussie?

My boyfriend wanted to take off my clothes (all the way) and I said not yet. (because I had never been asked, and he had been with a lot of girls and I didn't want to be embarrassed and didn't want to think I didn't know any thing) Anyways, then he asked if I wanted to see him nude and other things. But I said not yet. (because I have never been asked that and I wasn't sure what to expect) what should I?

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  • Well you asked if a girl should shave, so I'll say that most girls do shave so to be sure, you should too. You don't want to disappoint him. But only if you want to and feel comfortable shaving. How you feel always comes first. As far as seeing him nude that's up to you also. You're old enough for that so if you want to then just tell him yeahh. But if you get into any of the nude thing be prepared to go father because things might start moving faster than ever before, like foundling, fingering and maybe even oral and eventually having sex sooner than you thought. There's no reason to be embarrassed about anything when it comes to being nude unless you think he's looking for the perfect body. If you think that he's probably the wrong boyfriend. If not then go for it.

    • How do you know most girls shave? I better higher percentages of the female population don't shave their pubic hair,

    • I agree with google, but its more of a 50 50 chance of a girl being shaved.

    • The difference I'd say is the age of the girls and I was referring to younger girls without thinking. Every girl I've ever talked with in person or on here and most every girl I've seen a posting to on any online internet site said they all shaved. If you guys that have commented me have vast knowleged and experience that says different then ok, they don't then.