Do guys get boners when?

Hey, I’m just wondering….. do guys get boners from just LOOKING at a hot girl? Like, if they see a sexually/physically attractive girl either in real life or a photo of her, do they automatically get a boner or no? Just wondering.. because some guys told me they do when they see a hot girl in person or a photo of her or even just thinking about her turns them on easily and they get hard but I’m sure not all men are like this, but I just want to know if most are or not…

I'm talking about guys in age ranges 18 to 27.. and when guys get hard, do they automatically come too.. like does it all happen together just at the same time or no?
I also know guys can get them in their sleep and sometimes for no reason at all relating to a girl or anything, but this is another thing.
Is it involuntary... kind of like breathing is? I'm talking about getting boners.. and when it gets hard, does it hurt like someone is squeezing it? Or does it feel good? I heard about blue balls before.
And when I mean seeing a hot girl, I mean her body like if you think she has a good figure and is wearing tight clothes to show off her body, like skin tight or revealing like lots of skin and if you think she has a nice face too..
Is it also true that the older a man gets, the less hard-ons he will get? Like above 40..
Also, what is the difference between cumming and ejaculating and pre-cum? What causes them?


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    Yes, generally guys' hormones mellow out by the time they get into their early to mid 20s, so for instance I'm 26 and it very rarely happens to me anymore. And then as guys get older, 40s 50s, there are many factors that lead to fewer erections and lack of rigidity.hardness (basically a "weak" erection) that can range from testosterone levels, heart issues, circulation issues, stress, and more. That's why so many guys over 40-50 take Viagra.

    The difference amongst those three terms is slight but distinct. Coming and ejaculating happen at almost the same time - coming is just the orgasm itself (the intense pleasure) and ejaculation is a totally separate process where semen is pumped out through the penis. Pre-come is produced in a guy's body to basically provide lubrication inside the penis so the semen flows out as smoothly as possible. Doctors also think it is a base so it neutralizes any acidity in the penis left over from urine (acidity would kill the sperm in the semen). Pre come can show up out of the tip of the penis at any point during arousal but generally it shows up close to ejaculation.

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      Thank you so very much! Really appreciate it! What about update #4? Would it be too much trouble if I ask if you could answer that as well? That is what my question was about in the first place to begin with when I said "looking" at a hot girl. Thanks so much! :)

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      Not unless you switch best answer over to me.

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      Hahaha, okay! I will! :)