Things men like done to them or turn them on?

My boyfriend loves when I send him long texts telling him what I'm going to do to him in bed, I can't think of anything sexy to write , I wanna turn him on sooo badly so he can't wait to come home. Any ideas of what to write, then do?

If any one knows anything filthy of dirty to say, can you please message me lol


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  • You could describe to him the lingerie you are wearing underneath your clothes and tell him that your panties are getting darker just thinking about him.

    Like gravygirl said, the way to go is through a blow job. Get as detailed as you can, because males are very visual creatures and a good text/cyber bj will DEFINITELY turn him on.

    • That's the thing , I don't know how to talk dirty, I need specific things to say lol

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    • None of these websites at exactly what to say, I want to know specific things I can tell him that will turn him on imopen to

      Pretty muchbanything

    • It's not supposed to tell you what to say. It's supposed to help you so that you can think about them and put them into words yourself. It's not as good if someone's telling you what to say. I gave you ideas on topics you can talk about. You've got to go from there.

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  • I like it when a girl runs her fingers threw my hair and kisses my neck, it feels awesome. : P

  • I think each guy like that his girl gropes his back


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  • Not sure how open you are on this stuff, but this works if it's something you've already done. Tell him that you want his **** in your mouth and that you've been thinking about it all day. That's the way to go. All guys are totally flattered by this.

  • This is something you're going to have to figure out by yourself.