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Twerking parties, do girls like to feel?

I'm going to this girls sweet 18 birthday party yea iv gotten twerks before from other girls...but the girl I like is gonna be twerkin on me cause... Show More

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  • Some girls do, some girls don't, some girls don't care

    This one does like it since she told you.

What Girls Said 2

  • Yea You Should She Gonna Start Liking It And She Probly Chose You Just To See About Your Male Part Lol

What Guys Said 3

  • This makes the ladies wet... link


    • moving on... didn't bother

    • Ouch...

  • What is "Twerkin" lol?

    • uhh lmfao its a dance basiaclly when a girl is griding on you ^__^

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    • naw fam dude lol just when a girl gridin her ass on you lol... go hit som parties up dude lol

    • I grew out of the party phase...but I can still get down haha. I just never heard that term before.

  • If she grinds you not expecting a boner up her ass... she has either absolutely no knowledge about sexuality or she is incredibly ugly.

    I hope that girl's neither of those...

    • i been to some parties and there's girls then don't care dey feel me getting exctied and twerk faster and hard :D and then there's always that 1 girl I get a twerk from that thinks its iky or there's those group of girls that come to a twerking party and don't twerk -___- they need to carry dey ass home lol

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